by noah 4d ago

Ok this is try #2 for me matching half the design to the first half. I did it in colors so you could see it.babash told me about this design to try out. It is from Bernina for free . Thank you, Barb. I am getting a wee bit better but far from perfect . Thanks for LQQKING Hugs Noah


by toogie 1d ago

A lesson for all of us. I will have to find the design and see if I can do it on my 5x7 . I have only done the panther, where I had to match up a split design, because my emb field was just 5x7. Thanks for sharing, looks good to me!

by babash 3d ago

Looking good. I think you are getting it. Looks like the inner circle is spot on. Can you change the back ground colour on the machine? that would help instead of it being white you would see where the stitches are. I do all this on the computer so I think you are so clever doing it directly on the machine.
Well done you.

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noah by noah 3d ago

Yes thanks to you my teacher :):)xx

by jenne 3d ago

Love the blue and white great work.

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noah by noah 3d ago

Thanks for looking Jeannie:):)

by sonjapotgieter 3d ago

So Beautiful!!!!Great work!!

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noah by noah 3d ago

Thanks, Sonja i love your name by the way:):)

by pennifold 3d ago

You're on the right track. Great work, love Chris

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noah by noah 3d ago

Thanks Chris hugsxx

by sebsews 4d ago

OK now I can see what you are talking about. To me it looks like you duplicate it, flip it, match it, done in software. Am I right or off in right field? Looks good though.

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noah by noah 3d ago

Right field but i did it ok my emb.machine not in the software

by dragonflyer 4d ago

Great job...

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noah by noah 3d ago

Ah coming from you that's a real compliment Thanks Kim:):)