by noah ( edited 4d ago ) 4d ago

Oh boy now i am making something from my neighbours Dads ties lol I showed her and she wants Dad on it and she wants me to finish the pillow off I had no stuffing left BUT No problem she says she gives me a bed pillow lol

So off I go to finish that up . Thanks for LQQKING Noah

The last picture is the second doily I made from his shirt sleeves. This one is all flannel.


by toogie 1d ago

Oh, these doilies you're been making look great! The plaid is unusual but I like it. The pillow cover looks nice, too. Good job!

by clintonmiss22 3d ago

Oohh, the plaid one out of the shirt sleeves is my favorite. Well done!!

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noah by noah 3d ago

She loved them both :):)But i kinda like it best too lol

by dailylaundry 3d ago

This is awesome, Carolyn! I have a bunch of George's old work ties that I have been holding onto wondering what to do with them! Hugs!

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noah by noah 3d ago

Go for it and write his name on it to i almost forgot:):)

by sonjapotgieter 3d ago

Wow!!!!Stunning work done!!!Looks Beautiful!!!

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noah by noah 3d ago

Thanks, Sonja:):)hugsxx

by sebsews 4d ago

Great job!

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noah by noah 3d ago

Thanks Deb:):)

by worthy 4d ago

Great job, love your placements. Thanks for sharing.

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noah by noah 4d ago

Thanks,for looking xx

by shirley124 4d ago

Well done. I love these projects you are doing. Hugs

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noah by noah 4d ago

Thanks, Shirley:):)hugsxx

by babash 4d ago

Well done all looks good. the Ties came out very nice.

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noah by noah 4d ago

That was a hard go I am only doing one .I am burning the ties lol

by pennifold 4d ago

Great job on them Carolyn, I love the placemat particularly. Your neighbour is one very lucky gal. Love Chris

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noah by noah 4d ago

Ah thanks Chris I try .Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxx

by noah 4d ago

pillow finished

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toogie by toogie 1d ago

Looks great! I know she loved it, too.

by dragonflyer 4d ago

Very creative... I am sure these will bring great memories for the recipients...

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noah by noah 4d ago

She loved it i hope that all lol Thanks Kim

by asterixsew Moderator 4d ago

Carolyn I love what your doing, you have really put your thinking cap on and are creating great stuff. Thanks for the inspiration.

asterixsew by asterixsew 4d ago

PS he had some great shirts

noah by noah 4d ago

Sure did lol hugsxx