by basketkase 4d ago

Yea, got to play a little today.........the bottom right corner is the March freebie and will be up on my website March 1st, 2021....then the sweatshirt is a gift for a friend who hates gossip....the design is called Nosey.....the other is a request and a smaller and lined version of My Ragdoll and this is #2......these 2 designs will be up on my website tonight.....


by sonjapotgieter 3d ago

Great designs as Always!!!Love the Rainbow!!!

by sharonleekesner 3d ago

Oh my gosh !! Love them all but really love the nose.

by 02kar Moderator 4d ago

What a great chuckle you gave me. Great designs.

by noah 4d ago

oh boy i love the nose one it made me smile:):)