by noah 6d ago

My Granddaughter just left and she was showing me how to match points on my embroidery machine .Never did that before .Well how did I do for my first try? Thanks 4 LQQKING!Hugs Noah


by lmmattern 4d ago

Great job. Glad that you have fun with your Epic. I love mine and enjoy that fixture.

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noah by noah 4d ago

I am still struggling where I live in the bush there is no help .

by basketkase 4d ago

Looks great....super job, Carolyn!

noah by noah 4d ago

OH Vicki i am trying hard to learn but it is tough when my memory is so bad

worthy by worthy 4d ago

That is when you start a notebook of information. Ask me how I know. Great job

by pennyhal2 4d ago

I did not know that there were machines that have that function! I'll have to see if my machine dos that. I do it on my computer because I like to do editing on a large screen, but I see where this could come in handy.

mops by mops 4d ago

So do I. But it is very useful when embroidering continuous borders. Though you can make that easy when adding marks in the software.

noah by noah 4d ago

thanks girls .This Epic has many bells and whistles if only i had a teacher lol

by clintonmiss22 4d ago

Do you mean this design was half this size, you flipped the design, and then had to "match points" to make the second half line up with the first half to keep it from being crooked or overlapped? I don't think my machine has any special feature for this, but I've tried to do it myself before just by manipulating the design. Thanks for being patient with us while we try to understand. I like the look of the variegated thread!

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noah by noah 4d ago

yes thats what i mean :):)

by sebsews 5d ago

I'm going to check on what you are doing, because I have no idea. Maybe you can post what the first design looks like. But still it looks great to me.

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noah by noah 5d ago

Oh Boy +++This is one design i matched up points and made it 2 designs that look like one if your good at matching lol

by pennifold 5d ago

Hi Carolyn, I don't know what you are referring to. The points all look fine to me, like any embroidery does when doing points. It's hard to distinguish with the variegated thread. Can you please explain what you are talking about. Love Chris

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noah by noah 5d ago

there are 2 designs here I wanted to learn to match up points perfect to make it look like one big design

by mops Moderator 5d ago

Nicely done. It's a great feature on the machine. Don't know if every brand offers it - my Ruby does and I love it.
The variegated thread makes it difficult to see if the centre turned out perfectly or not quite, but nobody is going to use magnifying glasses. So great choice of design and yarn!

pennifold by pennifold 5d ago

Hi Martine, I've got a Ruby Royale too, but don't know what Carolyn is referring to here. Love Chris

noah by noah 5d ago

matching points Chris on the epic machine i never did that before

by sonjapotgieter 5d ago

Looks Great..Well done!!!!

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noah by noah 5d ago


by queenofhearts 6d ago

Please explain what you mean by matching points. I'm confused.

noah by noah 5d ago

on the tip of the leaf i matched a point and resewd it again

queenofhearts by queenofhearts 5d ago

I guess my machine doesn't do that because I still have no idea what you are talking about.

by sewmadau 6d ago

Looks great to me, top marks to grand-daughter.

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noah by noah 6d ago

yes shes a sweetie