by noah 7d ago

The man I did 8 memory pillows from his shirts his daughter asked me if I could do anything with the sleeves of the shirts.Or maybe with his ties ?So here's the first one I did with 3 different shirts .She was thrilled and asked 4 more .I think Basile her Dad would smile at this idea .I said yes after I finish putting in 2 zippers and making 12 curtains:):)The curtains are done Now onto the zippers:):)Thanks for LQQKING Hugs Noah


by toogie 1d ago

This is so pretty! What size do they finish at AND what size hoop are you using?

by graceandham 3d ago

Sleeves projects: How about a tool roll for a son or grandson. Also, we in USA get a lot of "t shirt" bags (plastic, with handles). You can cut the sleeves level top and bottom and add elastic for a bag dispenser for kitchen or garage area 0 any where you use lots of trash bags.

noah by noah 3d ago

Great idea my neighbor does this for shopping bags too .Don't tell my neighbour i want to move on to the next project lol

toogie by toogie 1d ago

lol, lol

by sonjapotgieter 5d ago

Stunning!!Clever Idea!!!Great work

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noah by noah 5d ago

Thanks 4 your kind words xxNoah

by sewpam 6d ago

What a great idea!! it is beautiful!!

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noah by noah 6d ago

Thanks For LQQKING:):)

by jenne 6d ago

I agree, it is a great project, would love some pillows in this design. great combo of fabrics.

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noah by noah 6d ago

Thanks Jeannie:):)

by asterixsew Moderator 6d ago

Carolyn i just love what you are doing making memories for his family

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noah by noah 6d ago


by dragonflyer 6d ago

Nicely done, Carolyn...and you have perfect joins too!

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noah by noah 6d ago

I thought you would love that hehehe:):)

by sebsews 6d ago

What a great way to create memories! Great job.

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noah by noah 6d ago

Yes it sure is she loved it:):)

by airyfairy 6d ago

I think this is just a wonderful idea

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noah by noah 6d ago

Yes 4 sure

by pennifold 7d ago

Gorgeous work Carolyn. No wonder the daughter loved it. It looks great. Love Chris

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noah by noah 7d ago

Thanks hope to make her a few more when time allows

by babash 7d ago

This has turned out wonderful. What a clever idea so nothing is wasted.
The Ties would make up lovely into something if you had the time to unpick them as the fabrics are usually lovely Silk and good quality.

Well done with what you are doing. I am guessing you are so busy you haven't had time to get cold. Stay safe.

noah by noah 7d ago

Well said and it is a really warm winter for us with nearly 1/4 the snow we usually have i love it

clintonmiss22 by clintonmiss22 6d ago

I guess you are getting less snow because the deep south USA is buried in what usually comes your way. 🤣❄
Actually, ours is more ice than snow, but the sun is out today, so maybe it will be gone by Monday.

clintonmiss22 by clintonmiss22 6d ago

Love your memory design!

by shirley124 7d ago

Love it. Hugs

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noah by noah 7d ago

Thanks Shirley

by pamelahess 7d ago

That is one of the nicest things I have ever heard of. How beautiful! Great job Noah!

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noah by noah 7d ago

Thanks Pam hugs xx

by peafarm 7d ago

Love this idea Carolyn....makes a terrific mamorial. Could even stitch to a square and use it for a center of a pillow. Lovely.

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noah by noah 7d ago

Don't give her that idea please lol hugsxxx