by sdrise 07 Feb 2021

UPDATE 2/7 on Karen

Karen called me last night and she sounded more like herself. She is off Oxygen YEAH!!! She has turned the corner. I was so relieved to hear her voice. She is still very tired and weak through. It will be a while before she regains her strength. But things are looking up.

Please keep me in your prayers... I go for a knee replacement tomorrow Morning at 10 AM... I have butterflies in my stomach. I will be in the hospital for a day maybe two depends how I make out.
Thank to all of you for praying for Karen and me. HUGS Suzanne


by airyfairy 10 Feb 2021

Wishing you all the very best for your op and a speedy recovery.

by basketkase 08 Feb 2021

Yes, the best news ever........I know you are having your surgery right now, Suzanne and we all need to pray and send angels to surround you and Karen right now......Love to you both and look forward to hear you are both healing!!!!

by marianb 08 Feb 2021

Wonderful news about Karen, good luck for your surgery tomorrow. Hoping you both recover well. Hugs Marian

by dragonflyer 07 Feb 2021

Such wonderful news... You go got this!

by sewtired 07 Feb 2021

Thank you so much for the update. The last one was so frightening. This one lightens my heart, though I know she still has a long way to go. Of course, prayers for you for the rather scary prospect of being in the hospital these days as well as the surgery. Hope all goes well and everyone recovers with reasonable speed.

by rescuer Moderator 07 Feb 2021

Thank you for the wonderful news concerning Karen. Prayers continue for her healing.
Prayers for you and the doctors that attend you.

by tuross 07 Feb 2021

So very happy Karen is now on the road to recovery, no matter how slowly it is, Praise be to God, his love knows no bounds.
A knee replacement is a major surgery so be prepared for a extended recovery time. I pray there is someone who will be looking after you when you get home, you will need quite a bit of help initially. Know that the Lords arms will be cradling you during this time just waiting for you to ask for his help. Hugs Lynne

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by dailylaundry edited 08 Feb 2021

Praise God from whom all blessing flow! So happy Karen is beginning to heal! Thank you for updating for us!
I understand your butterflies - I would be feeling the same. Of course you are in my prayers, Suzanne. Good thoughts and prayers, love and hugs, Laura

by graceandham 07 Feb 2021

Praising God for this wonderful news. Congratulations and prayers on your knee surgery. Mine was a failure, but that's very scarce! Most people hop back up!

by cfidl 07 Feb 2021

Thank you for the update. That is really good news for Karen. Wow how we do things differently here. Christie had to go to a 3 week program after her knee surgery. I know you will take care of yourself the best you can. May God bless you and keep you during this process.

by toogie 07 Feb 2021

Nothing short of miraculous. So very thankful and to hear news like this on this Sunday morning. Karen has more work to do, to further God’s kingdom and a testimony, too.
You are in my prayers, as well. You will be fine, just take care afterwards like you did with your hip. ❤️

by crafter2243 Moderator 07 Feb 2021

i am so glad to hear that Karen is getting better. It will take time to get her strength back.
I wish and pray for your fast recovery . I will keep you in my prayers .
Hugs 💖💖💖

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by gerryvb edited 07 Feb 2021

thank you so much for the update about Karen. she will stay in my prayers and my prayers for you for a your operation, I will be thinking of you tomorrow and have trust, soon you will be able to use that knee for the things you liked to do. Big hugs )))

by sewmadau 07 Feb 2021

Wishing you a very speeding recovery. It is a major operation, so on your return home I hope you have someone to look after you.

by mops Moderator 07 Feb 2021

Thank you for the update, how wonderful she is off oxygen.
All the best tomorrow for your operation - hope you'll be dancing in no time!