by noah 23d ago

When I was much younger my Mother (Norma) told me one day . Carolyn I am going to let you in on a little secret.When you get older (well she said my age)always remember . The best thing you can ever do/give a senior is your time. After all these years it has now come around that I am now that senior.I have tried to do just that in my life .I told you all this to say that there are some pretty special ladies on /from this site that do just that.They give you /me their time by doing or helping us do what we /i cannot do .In this case, it is digitize.Thank-you cutie for always being there for us/me:):)

Here's what I been working on late last night and today, coaster to match the 6 placemats i did all week.Thanks for LQQKING Hugs xx


by babash 21d ago

A great set all round.

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noah by noah 20d ago

Thanks 4 looking hugsxx

by shirley124 22d ago

Very nice. Great advice from your mother. Funny how some things we were told when we were young stick in our minds. My mother always told me 'If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing properly.' I have passed this onto my children. Hugs

clintonmiss22 by clintonmiss22 22d ago

And nearly that same idea, I had a sign hanging near my student workers' desks that said "If you don't have time to do it right the first time, how will you ever find time to do it correctly a second time?" 😁

noah by noah 22d ago

Wow so true thanks girls:):)hugsxxx

by peafarm 22d ago

Beautiful Carolyn and I do know exactly what you mean.

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noah by noah 22d ago

Thanks my pea farmer:):)

by mops Moderator 23d ago

They look very pretty!

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noah by noah edited 22d ago

Well hello and thanks Mops:):)I remember you used to help me with this kind of a thing I still love coasters etc.

by sonjapotgieter 23d ago

They are So Pretty!!!Great job done ..Beautiful!!!

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noah by noah 22d ago

Thanks Sonja

by bead 23d ago

They are so beautiful......the coasters are reversible for two different looks and I love your harvest colors too.

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noah by noah 22d ago

Thanks for looking hugs

by jenne 23d ago

They do look good.

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noah by noah 22d ago

Thanks Jeannie:L):)

by airyfairy 23d ago

Looking good

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noah by noah 23d ago


by bemara 23d ago

Your costers look great to use from both sides, great work, stay healthy, hugs Maria

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noah by noah 23d ago

Thanks, i am very healthy and a little fluffy tooooooo lol

by pennifold 23d ago

I can tell from the work who made this and she is a real star. Congratulations on such beautiful work as well Carolyn. Love Chris

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noah by noah 23d ago

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol

by lidiad 23d ago

Well done Carolyn and the other Cutie!
Hugs, Lidia

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noah by noah 23d ago

Thanks for looking hugs:):)

by dragonflyer 23d ago

Great job on these, Carolyn... It is so nice to have this Cute community to help when we need it...

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noah by noah 23d ago

It sure is :):)Everyone needs help :):)

by sewmadau 23d ago

Spectacular, lovely beautiful, and thank you for sharing them. You are so right, there are so many lovely caring ladies on this wonderful site. My friend told me about Cute two or three years ago and I am so pleased that I took her advice and joined. Thank you to all you ladies that have help not only me but many others.

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noah by noah 23d ago

You got it my friend:):)

by mariagiannina 23d ago

Love the placemats and the coasters.

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noah by noah 23d ago

Thanks for looking hugs

by dailylaundry 23d ago

Absolutely awesome! And, you are right - we do have some generous and talented Cuties here!!! Hugs!

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noah by noah 23d ago

You are 100% correct:):)