by noah 24d ago

Had an order for 6 placemats To me these are almost runners .There 24x14.The back is dark brown with flowers Hard to see .Thanks For LQQKING Now off to sew some matching coasters :):)


by lidiad 23d ago

I like them, well done Carolyn!
Hugs, Lidia

by sonjapotgieter 24d ago

They are Huge.. So Gorgeous!!!Great job done!!

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noah by noah 23d ago

Thanks for looking Sonja:):)

by jenne 24d ago

Great job on the quilting, lovebit.

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noah by noah 23d ago

Thanks Jeannie:):)

by cfidl 24d ago

Wow! I did not know you did free motion quilting. superb!

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noah by noah 23d ago

Hi and thanks Christie:):)

by dragonflyer 24d ago

Great job, Carolyn....need those large placemats to hold plates large enough for those boys' appetites....

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noah by noah 23d ago

Lol likely but she says there really messy

by pennifold 24d ago

Great work Carolyn, you are a really trouper doing all that work! Love Chris

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noah by noah 23d ago

Thanks Chris Hugs and I love doing crazy stitching:):)

by dailylaundry 24d ago

The placemats are really nice. I love the quilting! Hugs!

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noah by noah 24d ago

I call it crazy Quilting cause it makes me happy and crazy lol

by jerrib 24d ago

I like them, but they do seem very large for placemats. They must have a huge table.

noah by noah 24d ago

They have 6 boys Two are in college

graceandham by graceandham 24d ago

Ah, more fabric to sop up the spills. Six boys? She's a saint.