by peafarm 22 Jan 2021

Purse digitized by a friend of mine--blank canvas for any design. This was made for my little Great-granddaughter's birthday coming up in a month. Happily I got it done early except for a dangle or name initial for zip pull and money put inside.


by peafarm 31 Jan 2021

I can't remember if this is the first post I sent with name of digitizer I was ask to remove name or not--hope it is and was edited by the patrol team as I don't think I know how anyways. I made a little change purse to go inside also since I had a little square left and I also did a vinyl initial tag ITH on my embroidery machine. Never used the Applique function or my smallest hoop but merged in her initial and kept down sizing until it fit that hoop and viola', an eyelet tag was created too. I also had to make my own jump ring and the one for this more like a split ring with black wire to attach it to the zipper. I won't send another pic but now I can say I am on to my Huggies holder, well, after I find my zipper.

by toogie 26 Jan 2021

Good to see you working on something and making something this pretty, too. Happy Birthday to your Great grand daughter too!

by bead 23 Jan 2021

Very pretty.......your Great Granddaughter is going to love it...

by pennifold 23 Jan 2021

Great job on this purse Patty, your GG will love it. Love Chris

by dragonflyer 22 Jan 2021

......again....great job, Patti!

by pennyhal2 22 Jan 2021

What a fun purse! I like how you did the strap as it makes it so versatile. Her friends will want one too!

by babash 22 Jan 2021

Lovely. What type of fabric did you use? it looks shiny a bit like vinyl.
The little girl will love it.
Your friend did a good job on digitizing this for you.
Well done both of you.