by hightechgrammy 4d ago

The view from our home. See the contour lines where the fire destroyed everything. There were friends' homes there. All gone - nothing except chimneys. Nothing to find in the ashes. The fire was so hot it melted some foundations. The winds were up to 100 miles per hour, the flames were 100 feet high in some places. The fire had its own weather, and there were fire tornados within the hellish fire. There were 28 homes in our neighborhood alone, and hundreds of others. It was literally hell on earth. Our home was untouched, with smoke damage only. One couple chose to stay in their home and they perished, They could have escaped with fire fighters there to escort them through the flames. But, other than that there were no injuries! No deaths, all livestock were saved. There had to be massive loss of wildlife though. We haven't seen our raccoons yet. But, our friends down the road did have a herd of elk in their yard. Lots of people have banners up saying thank you to the firefighters and first responders. We were prepared and I had one car loaded with things we love and the other with things we needed. Of course, I didn't pack all the right things, and forgot to pack all the home videos and our favorite family Christmas ornaments. I forgot to pack jackets, and toothbrushes and all kinds of necessities. I had made a list of things to pack in use of an evacuation. without that I would have forgotten much more. It's a great idea to make a list and keep it posted where you can grab it in an instant. Your mind will not work well when you are in a drastic situation like a fire! Our insurance is paying for all our cleanup of the house, textiles. They could not clean our living room furniture to where the smoke odor was soaked into the fibers. We ended up having to get new furniture, and I cried when the carried out the old couches. Crazy. You go through so many emotions and we didn't even lose our home.


by hightechgrammy 1h 8m ago

Thank you all for your well wishes. Our town is healing, and the people of the community are all helping each other. I did go through a feeling of guilt for a while. But, we are all going to make it.

by toogie 2d ago

The snow and the homes are beautiful now. I can just imagine how scary with a view of the fire coming down the mountain. I'm glad you didn't lose home or life but feel so much for those who did. Had to be shocking for them all.

by sewtired 3d ago

What an amazing picture, how things can change in a brief moment of time. Though it is quite stunning in the snow, I bet it was so beautiful before. I can only echo some of the wise words others have offered. Very glad that you were mostly spared and so sorry for the others and the wildlife.

by kustomkuddle 3d ago

I can only imagine the emotions that this has caused for you and all the others that went through this. Hugs.

by noah 3d ago

Wow looks a little like my bush .Is your home filled with smoke
smell yet?

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 1h 27m ago

Actually, it probably smells better than it did this past summer. There was lots of smoke in the air from fires all over Colorado. But now, with the snows, there is no smoke at all. It makes me nervous though when some cabin is burning a wood fire. I just don't want any smoke at all. Even a burning candle makes me nervous! Our house smells great now - I have asthma so it has to be fragrance free and definitely smoke free!

by jenne 3d ago

even after so much damage, it is still beautiful with the snow . it snowed here a couple of times but no amount on the ground.

by cfidl 4d ago

It will take along time to heal the wounds of the fire event. I pray you do not have further flooding problems in the spring. It is probably a good thing you do are having a light snow season.

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 1h 25m ago

Did you have much smoke down there in Denver? The area where we went in RMNP is all burned.

by crafter2243 Moderator 4d ago

It is amazing the damage the fires can create. Living in California I know all about it. I am so glad you and your home was spared. The firefighters deserve all the THANK YOUS

by pennifold 4d ago

What a picture Jan! It reminds me of our barren landscape here when the bushfires devastated everything in its wake. Thankfully you are o.k. and I am sorry for the loss of your neighbours. Our bush regenerates very quickly, so I hope yours does too. Love Chris

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 1h 24m ago

Were you close to any of the bush fires? For us a bush is like a short, small rounded tree! Your bush is our countryside!

by 02kar Moderator 4d ago

My heart breaks for you and all of your neighbors. No words can ever heal all that is now broken in your lives. This picture truly shows the devastation fire causes. Your advice to make a list to list for emergencies is very wise. It's amazing how much we use every day just for toiletries and medications. Add to your list photos, paperwork like wills, banking, etc and anything that cannot be replaced because of sentimental value. Many many cyber hugs for you during this time of physical recovery.

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 1h 23m ago

Yes! Titles to cars, insurance policies, and the computers!

by asterixsew Moderator 4d ago

A very sobering picture of what has happened. Thanks for this and this is an occassion that I am lost for words. Take care

by graceandham 4d ago

You weren't crying for the loss of your sofas. You cried for all the loss including the memories in your house when it looked that way. Now you have the double challenge to honor the past while moving forward past the loss into a new time with a new look, with fewer neighbors, less wildlife, altered views, changes. How will you honor the losses and the memories and the people? How will you respect the wildlife and the beauty of the earth? Will you help people as they try to recoup their losses? A major life crisis such as this causes us to reconsider and re-sort everything in our lives, I pray God's blessings on you in this process.

by hightechgrammy 4d ago

This fire was unique in the speed at which it consumed the forests. It was moving at the speed of 18 football fields per minute!