by hightechgrammy 4d ago


We don't have that much snow this year in Grand Lake. But... we just saw that GL had 28 of the coldest days in the US last year. It was 10 below last night!
With the snow we can see the outlines of the mountainsides that burned. You can see the black outline of the charred and burned pine trees, showing the contours of the scorched Earth. This is pic of my husband's Land Cruiser (Gonzo) last winter. It is 50 years old now! He has to shovel it out just to get to plow. And a moose on our road in front of our house.


by fabricfairy 3d ago

Your snow looks lovely we about to go into a heatwave here (West Coast of Australia) they are saying 7 days of over a Hundred you could send us a just a light dusting of your snow Please .

by kustomkuddle 3d ago

I love the snow. We don't get the amount of snow that we used to when I was small. These pictures bring back memories. Thanks for sharing.

by basketkase 3d ago is sure pretty as long as you don't have to drive in it!!

by noah 3d ago

Beauty at its best .You live in a great place nice clean air and cool clean water ?hugs xxxNoah

by cfidl 3d ago

The pics are beautiful as are the mountains you live in. I remember seeing the night sky with the other galaxy for the first time. It was totally awesome. Not much snow here either.

by crafter2243 Moderator 4d ago

When I see snow pictures like this I almost wish it would snow where I live, but then I remember the shoveling, trying to find the car in the morning and the dangerous driving. I am content enjoying the pictures.

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crafter2243 by crafter2243 4d ago

P.S. I also remember my first born son wanting to play in the snow. The moment I had him warmly dressed, snowsuit and all, ------ he had to go the bathroom. We lived in Canada then

by pennifold 4d ago

Wow! Jan, it looks beautiful, but I bet it's a lot of manual work getting rid of it! Love Chris

by 02kar Moderator 4d ago

Oh, I do not miss snow or minus 30 F temps! But it is beautiful. Stay warm and toasty and have some hot chocolate.