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by asterixsew Moderator ( edited 5d ago ) 5d ago

For all Embroidery Library fans. There were discussions regarding emails from EL a few weeks ago saying their prices would be changning in the new year. The new designs and sales have just been posted so pop over and see the changes


by mops Moderator 4d ago

Quite a few people never read EL's announcement about the introduction pricing of their new designs properly and complained about prices going up - apparently they skipped the part about simple designs being offered at a lower price.
Now it's clear: some are lower priced, more time-consuming ones are indeed a bit more expensive.

by sebsews 4d ago

I have checked out EL and the new prices on sale items. I at first was not happy about the changes but I see they are doing a great job on the new policy. I will continue to purchase designs from EL.

by 02kar Moderator 4d ago

I know I owe EL an apology, I was not happy about the price change. But there are some designs for less than a dollar and some for more. They are 65% off now I think, so still some good bargains for those who are still adding to their design stash.

by marianb 5d ago

Their new pricing now makes me more selective on the designs I buy, this maybe a good thing for my wallet.😊

by crafter2243 Moderator 5d ago

There isn't much that I need anymore or can tempt me. I love their designs but have almost stopped buying,

pennifold by pennifold 4d ago

I feel the same Angie and their designs are so stitch intensive. Love Chris

mooie24 by mooie24 4d ago

I do agree with you ladies.. I purchased some designs from them and had to eliminate some of the colors to reduce the density of what was a fantastic design