by hightechgrammy 14d ago

To our Cuties Downunder!

I just saw a video of Isiaah Firebrace! He is from Australia and won the X factor there in 2016. His voice is just amazing! Have you heard of him?


by pennifold 14d ago

Hi Jan, yes, he is an unbelievably talented singer and a lovely young man. He is a true credit to his indigenous heritage.

The song Isaiah sang (Djapana - Sunset Dreaming) was originally performed by Yothu Yindi's lead singer Mandaway Yunupingu Unfortunately Mandawat died in 2013. Love Chris

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 13d ago

So that makes it especially nice he was singing it! What a beautiful song. Do the aborigenis and the other people get along without racism? I could go on and on about racism in the US. I'm very conservative and don't agree with most of their demands.

by marianb 14d ago

I agree he has a wonderful voice