by noah 7d ago

My Sister lives in a seniors home and everyone has things on there doors.She likes to change her door display often so i made her this .Thanks 4 LQQKING Noah


by basketkase 5d ago

Nice job...your a great sis!

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noah by noah 5d ago

I hope sew lol hugsxxx

by sebsews 5d ago

Very nice! I remember my Mother had special name tag on her door. I enjoyed seeing all the doors with colorful names. This one will be enjoyed for sure.

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noah by noah 5d ago

Yes i keep her well supplied lol Thanks Noah

by sonjapotgieter 6d ago

Very Pretty!!!Great work..Going to look Gorgeous!!!

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noah by noah 6d ago

Thanks Sonja:):)

by pennifold 6d ago

Great job Carolyn, they will look great on the handle. ❤️👵🏻

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noah by noah 6d ago

I think sew thanks Chris:):)

by dragonflyer 7d ago

I am sure she will love this!

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noah by noah 7d ago

Why Thank-you Kim:):)

by graceandham 7d ago

A great look using the solid thread and the variegated thread. How's things in your part of winter?

noah by noah 7d ago

We are the warmest winter ever and only got 10 inches of snow so far No complaints here lol

graceandham by graceandham 6d ago

Wowie Howie!

by babash 7d ago

That looks so nice. Was it made with your new Large Hoop?

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noah by noah 7d ago

no only 150x240