by asterixsew Moderator 23d ago

Thank you too Linda - zoefzoef for posting the birthdays for December and Hello to Sarah - airyfairy


by zoefzoef 22d ago

that's the least we can do for this great family and website ! Love to you all !!!

by cfidl 22d ago

I really appreciate coming here on my birthday every year. Thank you for doing this for all who want it.

by airyfairy 22d ago

Thank you Caroline for the kind words.

by gerryvb 23d ago

thank you both for your iefforts, you both do such a wonderful and lovely job, much appreciated by so many. Thank you !!!

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momac by momac 22d ago

I too agree with you Gerry. Thank you

by sebsews 23d ago

All have done a wonderful job!

by dailylaundry 23d ago

A special "Thank you" to Linda and Sarah for posting our Birthdays. These postings might be the only Birthday greeting someone may get on their special day. They are important!!! Hugs!

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asterixsew by asterixsew 23d ago

Beautifully put