by jenne 25d ago

I did the sashiko stitching for this jacket last summer, I decided to put the pieces together yesterday and finished the hem and sewing the buttons on today, but I don't go anywhere to wear it, the white scarf is fake fur knitted by a friend sometime ago.


by 02kar Moderator 25d ago

This jacket is too beautiful to sit in the closet. And I love the scarf with it. Please do wear it even if it is to get the mail or to shop for groceries.

jenne by jenne 25d ago

Thank you everyone is so kind, I can do like my sister when we were teenagers, she wore her false eyelashes to empty the trash,

02kar by 02kar 25d ago

That's the spirit!

by pennifold 25d ago

Gorgeous Jenne, you must be so petite. I can never wear anything like that as I'm too big. I love all your jackets. Love Chris

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jenne by jenne 25d ago

Yes, I am about 5' 1" and weight about 103 lb. skinny I guess. and a picky eater also, Mother worried over me as a kid I did not like so many of the foods we need needed to eat.

by graceandham 25d ago

All dressed up and no place to go? Jenne, it is gorgeous.

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jenne by jenne 25d ago

Ah, I remember that old saying. thank you.

by clintonmiss22 25d ago

Lovely, as always!

by hightechgrammy 25d ago

This is just soon pretty! I love your stitching and the scarf is so intriguing!

by peafarm 25d ago

Oh boy, now I wished I'd bought those on sale Sasiko designs from JND. This is so lovely and your scarf is gorgeous with it.

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jenne by jenne 25d ago

Thanks, what is JND?

by lilylady 25d ago

Your clothes are beautiful, enjoy seeing them. Sandy

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jenne by jenne 25d ago