by redhotrn65 25 Dec 2020

I see Amazing embroidery designs has a membership also. Are they different designs than here? Or allot of the same? And is it owned by the same great talented lady?? Can't beat her designs!!


by 02kar Moderator 25 Dec 2020

Please do take advantage and then download each and every design. The alphabets alone are worth several times the membership. I agree with you that her designs cannot be beat. Hope you also post your completed machine embroidery projects in the Projects section. We all love to see each other's completed projects. And a Merry Christmas to you.

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redhotrn65 by redhotrn65 25 Dec 2020

Thanks so much! Will get a membership after the holidys so I have time to work on downloading!!

by crafter2243 Moderator 25 Dec 2020

It is owned by the same talented lady. There are some designs that are on both websites. Also the owner mentioned that there will be no additional ones on Amazing. I would suggest you go through the pages and see. I believe it is a bargain even if nothing new gets added. You will have the 6 month to download each and every one.
Merry Christmas

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redhotrn65 by redhotrn65 25 Dec 2020

Thanks so much!!!