by basketkase 27d ago

Hello dear ones......I finally got to do some of my Christmas gifts today.....we are doing Porch Exchanges tomorrow, better than nothing, right? This is for a friend that saw the kitty one I did like this for Andi and she went nuts over it, but this lady is a dog lover, so I took one of my designs and blew it up to fit it in my 10x10 hoop along with the words....she will love it for sure.......You'll be proud of of the clients I did all those letterman jackets for called me and asked if I could do one more design (I told him yesterday when he picked up his order I was done til after Christmas) anyway, I told him no......I believe this is the first time I have said no to someone.....Merry Christmas to all!


by sebsews 24d ago

NO Really? It about time! This design is very cute.

by worthy 24d ago

You deserve an extra pat on back and Hug for saying No . So very proud of you. The lady will react more when she sees hers. Thanks for sharing. God Bless you.

by stork 25d ago

Love the shirt!!!! So glad you said "no". I finally did to.....I informed a fellow that I am done doing orders for Christmas and wouldn't start back up until after the New Year. He left the 13 bags to embroider with me and said that would be fine. Merry Christmas!

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by noah 26d ago

very lovely proud of you it is very hard to say no i know lol
Merry C/mas my friend xxxx

by sewtired 26d ago

A design like this would have been great for my brother, but he recently lost his furry son, Levi and is not yet ready to move on. Your friend should love it.
!!!! Hurray for saying "NO" !!!! Take care of your health!

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sewtired by sewtired 26d ago

And, Merry Christmas!

by sdrise 26d ago

Great design !! Merry Christmas!! so hard to say no It took me a long time before I could say that word. You hate to disappoint people. HUGS

by pennifold 26d ago

Such a cute design Vicki and congratulations on saying no. You need rest. Merry Christmas and have a great 2021, love Chris

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by 02kar Moderator 26d ago

She is definitely going to love this design. I'm glad you are able to do some things for you. And I am sooo proud of you finding the strength to say NO. It may be the first time you said no, hopefully, it won't be the last. Enjoy the porch exchanges. I agree, better than nothing.

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by pennyhal2 26d ago

Congratulations for sticking to your guns and saying "no!" Knowing you, you probably feel a litte sorry for this guy, but you did the right thing!'

Those eyes say it all! Love it!

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by mops Moderator 26d ago

Bravo! Time for yourself for once. Next time saying No might be a bit easier.
Your friend will love the design.

mops by mops 26d ago

Merry Christmas!

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by sonjapotgieter 26d ago

Good for you!!!Lovely design..Time to rest now!!!

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by dailylaundry 27d ago

Love this design - I bet your friend loved it!! Good for you, your told them "no". They have to understand!! Merry Christmas! Hugs, Laura

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