by basketkase 27d ago

Wishing everyone a wonderful Merry Christmas and wishing nothing but health and happiness for all the world. Thank you all so much for your love, support and guidance throughout the all are in my heart!!

Much love to everyone.......


by pennifold 26d ago

Merry Christmas Vicki and Jim and I pray that at this time of joy, love and peace that you are being comforted by those around you. May you have a blessed Christmas and let's hope 2021 is so much better than this year. Love Chris

by crafter2243 Moderator 27d ago

Hopefully all your orders have been done and you are able to rest. Have a peaceful Christmas. Keeping you and Jim in my prayers.

by dailylaundry 27d ago

Merry Christmas, Vicki, to you and your dear hubby, Jim. This has been a tough year for you. Please know we are thinking of you! My heart goes out to you!! Hugs, Laura

by graceandham 27d ago

When Princess Diana died and there were several royal divorces, the Queen referred back to that year as the Annus Horribilis - too awful to say it in English for her, but Horrible Year. I think that is what you have had this year! Hopefully, you're back on the good side of things soon.

by 02kar Moderator 27d ago

And a very Merry Christmas to you and Jim and our beloved fur babies. You are all very much in our hearts this holiday week. May you find comfort. Hugs to you and Jim and lots of cuddles for the fur babies.

by bemara 27d ago

Hi Vick, Merry Christmas to you and Jim and your Cats, i hope you feel fine, hugs Maria =^..^=

by sdrise 27d ago

Merry Christmas to you and yours also... I know it is a tough time for you both... Hug the kitties too. Take it one day at a time. hugs

by dragonflyer 27d ago

Merry Christmas to you and Jim as well, Vicki...Hoping for peace, health and much happiness in 2021 for all Cuties.