by dday 22 Dec 2020

I love this scene so had to make it. It was 32 5x7" panels. I was happy how it turned out.


by mariagiannina 31 Jan 2021

Excellent work!! Gold star for you!

by peafarm 31 Jan 2021

This is beautiful and great job joining all those tiles.

by pennifold 29 Jan 2021

I meant to ask you - did you use the Isacord threads they recommend? I bought the colours from a company here in Australia to make sure I got the same effect. Love Chris

bemara by bemara 30 Jan 2021

I also use Isacord 40/Amann yarn, mainly from Gunold and Madeira - they have more shine. Since I am looking for certain colors, I also have yarns from other companies, but I notice that the quality is not as good, at least for my perception. Hugs Maria

dday by dday 31 Jan 2021

No just used what I had that was close to their colors, needed to use my thread that I had for awhile.

by zoefzoef 27 Dec 2020

super nice !!

1 comment
dday by dday 28 Dec 2020

Thanks everyone for your nice comments.

by pennifold 27 Dec 2020

I loved yours so much I bought the other Santa. Just spent some time changing all the sections into VP3 for my sewing machine. I hope to make it through the year. Thanks for your inspiration. Love Chris

by stock 27 Dec 2020

beautiful its joined perfectly,...wendy

by oaro 26 Dec 2020

beautiful love it

by materialgirl 24 Dec 2020

That is awesome.

by mammas98001 24 Dec 2020

This is awsome. How do I get the deign?

by queenofhearts 23 Dec 2020

Good job!

by sebsews 23 Dec 2020

Absolutely stunning!

by brendalea 23 Dec 2020

Very nice wall hanging. Thank you for sharing.
Happy Stitching & Merry Christmas

by sewdoctor 23 Dec 2020


by dragonflyer 23 Dec 2020

What a stunning scene and heirloom you have created, Darla...Outstanding job piecing the blocks to align so well...

by wilkusters 23 Dec 2020

thats a great work, looks beautiful.
my compliments

by lindamb 22 Dec 2020

Beautiful, want to send it to me?? Would love to hang it. How long did it take you? May I ask where did the design come from. Thanks

1 comment
dday by dday 23 Dec 2020

It took me appox. 2 weeks. It came from embroideryonline, It is called starry night Santa.

by ashta 22 Dec 2020


by fbusby1 22 Dec 2020

Beautiful keepsake piece.

by crafter2243 Moderator 22 Dec 2020

That was a lot of work, but so well worth it. A masterpiece created

by pennifold 22 Dec 2020

Hi Darla, are these just panels you've cut up and re-arranged, or are they all embroidered and then sewn together? Love Chris

1 comment
dday by dday 22 Dec 2020

They are all embroidery then sewn together, used several spools of thread.

by noah 22 Dec 2020

Wow you did great :):)Merry Christmas xx

by bemara 22 Dec 2020

Wow it's a great work, sooo beautiful, love it, hugs Maria

by toogie 22 Dec 2020

Breathtakingly beautiful! You did really well with stitching, piecing the designs together and hanging. I love it and anyone who sees it, will sure admire it also. Merry Christmas!-Toogie

by robertahilde 22 Dec 2020

Is a work of art!
I too admire your patience and perfect execution of this astonishing piece.
Have a wonderful Christmas.

by sonjapotgieter 22 Dec 2020

Wow it is Sooo Stunning!!!!!Fantastic job well done!!!!

by gerryvb 22 Dec 2020

it's beautiful !!! must have taken a lot of time to make it, but so gorgeous!!

by pennyhal2 22 Dec 2020

What could be more Christmasy than Santa, a Reindeer, and the Star of Bethlehem! Love it!

by asterixsew Moderator 22 Dec 2020

What an amazing piece of work and I admire your patience and perseverance too. Now enjoy looking at it

by Tu2ml 22 Dec 2020

It’s absolutely beautiful. Something you and your family will use for the Holidays for many years to come. Well done.