by CindyG 16 Dec 2020

Does anyone have a Pal 2 alignment laser light? i

I'm thinking of buying myself one but just wondering if they are as useful as they look.


by undecided 20 Dec 2020

i dont have the PAL2, i have the original PAL. if you were close by you could try it.... i can see where the larger size would be useful. i think that it can make hooping much easier once you are in the habit of using it. of course the small size is a challenge, i always think that if i ever got around to mounting it so that i would not need to fool with it, it would work much better LOL

by dragonflyer 19 Dec 2020

Honestly, I think it is a total waste of money...It is simply a laser crosshair that shines on your hooping surface/fabric. Easy enough to use a fabric market and a ruler to mark your crosshairs...and you can make your own target stickers with simple adhesive labels that can be easily printed or marked with a crosshair... Just my thoughts...

asterixsew by asterixsew 19 Dec 2020

Thanks for your comments. My newV3 came with it as an attatchement which as hasnt been fitted

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 20 Dec 2020

So it is a laser that mounts on a table aside your machine... or a laser that mounts on your sewing machine and shines the laser on the mounted hoop???

asterixsew by asterixsew 21 Dec 2020

Oh its a foot that attatches to the machine - I think as its still in its box. Will have a look and get back to you

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 21 Dec 2020

That is what I thought and that is a total different type of functionality than the PAL 2 laser light...I have a laser on my foot too, but definitely different uses than the PAL2 lights...

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by AuntAnnie edited 21 Dec 2020

I used one on a $$$$$ Brother machine last spring at a Floriani event. I stitched just as crooked with one as without--but that's me. If you do decide upon one, be sure to get one with both red and green lights as the beam is difficult to see on closely matching fabric colors.

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CindyG by CindyG 16 Dec 2020


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by asterixsew Moderator edited 16 Dec 2020

No I don’t but my new V3 does have one but it’s not fitted yet. I plan that my son in law will fit it. I have heard mixed reviews about them that they are either loved or not liked

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CindyG by CindyG 16 Dec 2020