by noah 11 Dec 2020

My first Grandson was born on my Birthdays 20 years ago today .He called to wish me Happy Birthday and his news nearly broke my old heart.He joined the army (his dream job)6 months ago and now today he is stuck in a room all by himself with Covid.So please pray he has little or no effects from this terrible disease. Thanks Carolyn


by sewdoctor 16 Dec 2020

Happy Birthday,,,,,,good thoughts for your Grandson.....

by dragonflyer 16 Dec 2020

Sending Birthday wishes and prayers your way...

by gerryvb 16 Dec 2020

prayers for your grandson, and congratulations to the both of you, hope your grandson will recover soon. Hugs for you )))

by gramsbear 16 Dec 2020

Happy Birthday to you BOTH! Praying for him to get better faster than most!...

by kustomkuddle 16 Dec 2020

You and your grandson are in my prayers.

by graceandham 15 Dec 2020

Have you heard any update yet? We continue holding him up in prayer - and you, too. I know this must be so hard to not be there or help.

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toogie by toogie 16 Dec 2020

I have been wondering also.

by zoefzoef 12 Dec 2020

sending all the best and lots of prayers to you and your grandson

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noah by noah 12 Dec 2020

Thanks please pray like it was that needed a miracle:):)

by lbrow 11 Dec 2020

Most definitely in prayers along with many others.

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noah by noah 11 Dec 2020

Thanks Lillian hugs xx

by pennifold 11 Dec 2020

Oh! Carolyn, I'm so sorry to read that your grandson has Covid19 and being young let us pray he can fight it off. I've been watching the news from America and it's frightening how many people have it. We are very fortunate in Australia. Prayers for all of you, love Chris

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noah by noah 11 Dec 2020


by cfidl 11 Dec 2020

Prayers for him and good wishes to you! Happy Birthday!

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noah by noah 11 Dec 2020

Thanks Christie:):)

by toogie 11 Dec 2020

I can understand your concern very well. He will be in my prayers along with others. This is such a dreaded disease and so unpredictable how each person will react. Pray he is just positive and will develop no symptoms.

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noah by noah 11 Dec 2020

Thanks Toggie:):)

by crafter2243 Moderator 11 Dec 2020

Covid is running ramped and is bringing so much misery. Hopefully your grandson will continue only having mild symptoms. That is my prayer.

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noah by noah 11 Dec 2020

Thanks Lord please hear us as we pray

by shirley124 11 Dec 2020

Sending prayers you him and you and all the family. Hugs

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noah by noah 11 Dec 2020

Thanks Shirley:):)

by graceandham 11 Dec 2020

I am praying for him now. Hoping for the best for him. Maybe you two can celebrate together again in a better year.

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noah by noah 11 Dec 2020

I sure do hope so Thanks

by dailylaundry 11 Dec 2020

Your grandson will be in my prayers - hoping his youth will be an advantage for him and that his symptoms will be mild. Please let us know how he is doing! Happy Birthday to you and your grandson!! Hugs, Laura

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noah by noah 11 Dec 2020

Thanks 4 the hugs i need them !!!

by asterixsew Moderator 11 Dec 2020

Sorry to hear that. I’m sure there will be people keeping an eye out for him and providing food and drink. A birthday he won’t forget. Happy Birthday to you

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noah by noah 11 Dec 2020

Thanks nor will i forget he is 20 today