by noah 09 Dec 2020

Been working on this thick black towel for my Granddaughter for Christmas a most difficult task ,i had to ask a cutie for help .It looks great now we have a knock Down stitch under it??What do you think?Thanks for LQQKING:):) Carolyn


by sebsews 11 Dec 2020

Nice job on the knock down stitches. When you put your mind to something it gets done! Merry Christmas, Suzanna

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noah by noah 11 Dec 2020

You got it:):)thanks

by peafarm 10 Dec 2020

Knock downs sure do help but I think I prefer those lace filled looking ones---still, with the wording on it the color of the towel the white thread makes that show better. I like bees on things and not on me! lol

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noah by noah 11 Dec 2020

lol i hate those things to !!Thanks

by robertahilde 10 Dec 2020

Looks great Carolyn. Top job. - Hugs

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noah by noah 11 Dec 2020

Thanks Roberta hugsxx

by pennifold 10 Dec 2020

Outstanding Carolyn, love Chris

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noah by noah 10 Dec 2020

Thanks Chris Always hugs 4u and u know why xxxx

by mops Moderator 10 Dec 2020

Some base by whatever name you call it always works for fleece or towels. And it looks good here.
It is nice a Cutie helped you digitise those underlying stitches - so now you know how to do it next time. Never to old to learn, aren't we, even if it takes more time than 10 or 20 years ago. Don't ask me how I know :)

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noah by noah 10 Dec 2020

Yes i learn something new almost daily .The issue i have is mt remember is broken lol

by cfidl 09 Dec 2020

I love it! It looks perfect.

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noah by noah 10 Dec 2020

thanks Christie

by dragonflyer 09 Dec 2020

The knockdown stitches really help, especially with lettering...I might have outlined the lettering a little closer to each letter and also the bee instead of one large stitch area...and perhaps stitched the knockdown the same color as the towel...but everyone has their own style of doing things...I am sure your granddaughter will love getting them...

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noah by noah 09 Dec 2020

Oky Doky my friend:):)

by basketkase 09 Dec 2020

Looks pretty good......GD will love it.....

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noah by noah 09 Dec 2020

I believe she will even if there far from perfect lol

by sonjapotgieter 09 Dec 2020

Great work!!!Love the design..Beautiful!!!

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noah by noah 09 Dec 2020

Thanks Sonja Hugs

by crazypatchmama 09 Dec 2020

You did a great job, Carolyn. Wish I have your energy. Cuties are great aren't they? Hugs, Mary

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noah by noah 09 Dec 2020

Well you wouldn't of wanted to follow me around the last two week I was in and out of trouble as i went along lol But Hay we all got our opinions right,still learning to keep mine to myself as others are trying to lol My sister says but when it comes right down to it who cares lol

by pennyhal2 09 Dec 2020

The knock down stitches really helps to see the design better! Nicely done!