by graceandham 30 Nov 2020

Finally getting some winter weather. Went this afternoon to pull out the trash barrel to the road and realized it was cold out. Came back in and got out my favorite fall sweater (Cotton) and my winter coat and put both on. Got to the street, where neighbors can see me, and realized I was in summer shorts, fall sweater and winter coat. That's my part of the world. We are usually coldest in January, but only briefly. Now, neighborhood will just think I am daft.


by pennifold 01 Dec 2020

I love your story Betsey, I can just imagine you doing it. We, of course are in the opposite season to you - it's boiling hot here! Love Chris

by killiecrankie 01 Dec 2020

Well you did have 3 of the 4 seasons represented in your outfit.You always seem to get caught out when you duck out to get the mail or put out the garbage bin dressed in the wrong clothes,my husband always gets caught out.
Last weekend it was over 40C on both days & it was spring here.

by 02kar Moderator 30 Nov 2020

You gave me a chuckle too. At least most of you were protected and you were only out a short time. And sorry, I don't think you are daft. I don't look any better when making a quick run down to the mailbox or to the compost pile.

by crafter2243 Moderator 30 Nov 2020

You made me laugh. This is something I am capable of doing.