by stock 30 Nov 2020

We had our first market over the boarder in New South Wales, at Moama, the boarder has been closed to us, Victorians for about 6 months, now we have had no cases virus for 30 days we are aloud in, you had to have a permit to cross to NSW from Vic. but only for work or compassionate reasons, we are now free to go anywhere except Western Australia, thats closed to to all, very strange times.....wendy


by kustomkuddle 30 Nov 2020

So thankful your are doing well and have not had any new cases. Such a relief for you. One more step towards normalcy for you!

by 02kar Moderator 30 Nov 2020

I am so happy to hear that your lives are becoming more normal and you are able to cross at least 1 border and have a market. That is good news, I know. I agree, it is very strange times around the world.

by pennifold 30 Nov 2020

Hi Wendy, we've been very fortunate here in Newcastle, no cases. I hope you can have many more markets in the future. Love Chris