by hightechgrammy 24 Nov 2020

I have a friend who wants to start embroidering on a Brother. Which machine would you recommend for her? Should I encourage her to get a 4 x 4 or maybe go to the 5x7 instead???


by dday 25 Nov 2020

I sent you a PM

by pennyhal2 25 Nov 2020

I agree with everyone else! Get the largest hoop you can afford. If you are anything like me, you'll soon be wishing for the largest hoop on Earth!

by toogie 25 Nov 2020

I would get the 5x7 at least. For so long I wanted to make ITH bags and such and longed for the 5x7. I know they have 4x4 but too small, for me. Anyway, I lucked up and found a used one that I was able to try out and it's worked out good for me. I know we are living in a different time with covid making try outs impossible. That being said, I am on my 2nd 4x4 machine. I literally wore one out-lol-but what I made and sold, paid for it 4 times over. If she's really into embroidery I'd say 5x7. If she finds it's not her cup of tea, then she may can resell the 5x7 easier. Just my thought anyway.

by gramsbear 25 Nov 2020

I would encourage her to get a 5x7 hoop, whichever machine she gets! The 4x4 has not so many designs she can use anymore. I would recommend the PE770, as I have bought 2 of them, they are little workhorses! The 770 runs circles around even my newest machine. If I start them both at the same time, the 770 finishes first and with less problems! (By the way, why I bought 2 was one was for my daughter!...) Hugs, Judy...

by bemara 25 Nov 2020

the best is the NV800E, it can stitch 160X260 mm, the short on get only 4x4"- its thrown money Hugs Maria

by pcteddyb 25 Nov 2020

Go as big as the budget allows and I would not get anything less than a 5x7 - lots you can do at that size and so much requires bigger than a 4x4 these days....

by dragonflyer 25 Nov 2020

I agree with Nan, get the largest hoop she can afford...Perhaps you can find one that has been previously loved and get a better deal as opposed to buying new. With new machines just being released this past September, lots have upgraded their machines. I would suggest looking at Baby Lock as well as they are "sister" machines to Brother...

by mrskiki 25 Nov 2020

I would encourage her to get the machine with the largest hoop size she can afford. 4x4 definitely will be too small rather quickly. Can't help with which machine to get as I have Vikings. Hugs. Nan

by asterixsew Moderator 25 Nov 2020

Brother has a excellent website. You should be able to find out about your own country and then it’s broken down by area for dealers. I always say go to a dealer. I have joined a group where many have bought themselves big machines with no previous experience at all and they all appear to be having fun and coping.

by stock 25 Nov 2020

I have 2, 800E machines embroidery only, these are 6"x10" very happy with them, around $2000 Australian...wendy

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stock by stock 25 Nov 2020

not sure where you live, I got mine from Echidna sewing in Aus. on the internet...wendy

by hightechgrammy 24 Nov 2020

Also, where would you go online to purchase a machine???? Is there a good website for Brothers? Thanks!

gramsbear by gramsbear 25 Nov 2020

I usually check out Thomas Sewing in Alabama, they have good deals on refurbished machines and also sell new ones and ship them to you!.

gramsbear by gramsbear 25 Nov 2020

Sorry, it is Kentucky, Here is the link!...