by kustomkuddle 10d ago

Thank you to all the caring and loving cuties for your kind words and prayers for Caden and our family. It is still a struggle as we learn his triggers and how to help him cope. Yesterday was his second night home. He had an episode in which his brain shut down and he kept chanting he had to cut as he took a pair of scissors and tried to cut his arm. As I took the scissors out of his hand, he tried digging into his arm. The good news is that I was able to get him calmed down and refocused within 15 minutes and no appearance of his "demon Kyle." Our biggest hurdle last night was trying to get his 11 yo sister to understand that Caden is not making this stuff up just to get out of doing his chores. Thank you all for your continued prayers.


by rescuer Moderator 10d ago

Prayers continue for you and Caden. I know the pain you are dealing with as well as the daily challenges. Hold onto hope! Once he feels the unconditional love and he sees it no matter what, he will begin to heal. Bless you for taking this long journey with him.

by rachap 10d ago

It will be a constant struggle for you all so prayers will continue that you can all work together to help Caden and hold each other up.

by pennifold 10d ago

Thanks Debbie for this update I do pray that Caden can eventually let go of his demons and that he will continue to heal. Prayers for you all, love Chris

by gerryvb 10d ago

prayers will continue for Caden and for all who want to help him.

by 02kar Moderator 10d ago

We know there can never be too many prayers and each one is treasured. And they will continue as long as needed. Considered yourself, Caden, your daughter and granddaughter wrapped in hugs.