by basketkase 11d ago

Boy, oh boy......word got out that I am slowly getting back to work......This jacket is a new customer......on the back of the jacket he is getting some heat press stuff done above and below the logo........then one of my existing peeps brought me 50 beanies and 5 it all done and hope to get to doing something for my website today......Jim & I are both going to get our 1st Shingrex shot this morning.....


by pennifold 9d ago

Wow! Vicki, these look wonderful. Take it easy, you are still healing, but I love your enthusiasm! Love Chris

by sewmadau 9d ago

Thanks for explaining, and I will check out Shingrex. Son is a doctor never thought to check with him.

Love your new design very pretty.

by noah 9d ago

love them you are going to have some happy Campers lol

by sewmadau 10d ago

Wow, I call that "crazy" glad you are feeling better. Now please can I ask you two questions. What is Knockdown and Shingrex is that for the virus??. As an Aussie I have never heard of either.

basketkase by basketkase 9d ago

Knock down stitches are a light fill the same color as the fabric to flatten the knitwear for a better stitching result....there was a whole discussion of this here on cute, but can't remember what category it is under....for The Shringrix vaccine go to and that will explain is 90% effective against shingles.....

pennifold by pennifold 9d ago

I found a couple of posts from years gone by for you to
look at. Love Chris
This explanation was from 2017 by 'sewmom'.
This post was from Carolyn in 2016

basketkase by basketkase 9d ago

thanks, Chris

by pennyhal2 10d ago

"Slowly back to work"...doesn't look that way!!!! You must be well on your way to recovery! I'd still be in bed, but here you are turning out the goods! I'm gald that you are able to do some fantastic embroidery as you heal. Your embroidery lays so flat and displays your abilites that always astounds me. I think you said in a prior post that you do not hoop the jacket. Now, I want to know what you do with the jacket's lining!

basketkase by basketkase 10d ago

this jacket had a zipout lining....yea!

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 9d ago

Yea! Let's hear it for the zippers!

by kustomkuddle 10d ago

Beautiful work. Did you do knock down stitches on the beanies. I tried it on a couple of beanies and it seemed to take forever!

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basketkase by basketkase 10d ago

yes, I use a light knockdown, nothing heavy

by sharonleekesner 11d ago

If I can create ans sew it just takes away my miseries. I hope the same for you and it looks like you are whippin' up a storm. Love what you have done. Take care, be well, heal.

by sdrise 11d ago

Beautiful Job as always ... Glad you are feeling a bit better to sew... HUGS

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basketkase by basketkase 10d ago

and how are you doing Suzanne?

by sonjapotgieter 11d ago

Busy Izzy!!!Great work you have done!!!Well done!!!!