by kustomkuddle 12d ago

I apologize as this may be lengthy, but had to share with all the Cuties that believe in Christ. I think that I told you of my 13 yo nephew that we have guardianship of who has PTSD and depression from and abusive father. He has had suicidal thoughts and actions along with self harming and was in outpatient and inpatient mental health programs. The psych hospital thought he was doing well, because Caden had not been completely honest with them. The second night that he was home after discharge, he had a big time hallucination. He said a demon named Kyle was trying to kill him so that Caden would be his forever friend. I have never seen anyone so terrified, screaming and crying. He was doing evasive movements to stay out of Kyle's grasp. Caden's Mom and I finally got him to sit on the couch in-between us. We were "telling" Kyle to leave Caden alone and making pushing movements with out arms. Caden told us that Kyle was laughing at us because our arms were going right through Kyle. Then all of a sudden, Caden's arm went up in front of my face and he yells, "No. Don't hit her" Nothing seemed to be working to calm Caden down until I told Caden that ours was a house that believed in Christ and we were all under his protection. Kyle was not welcome in our house and Christ would take care of him. A few minutes later, Caden said that he could no longer hear Kyle's heartbeat, which is how he tells if Kyle is coming or going. As we were in the process of calling the psych hospital, Caden said he could hear Kyle's heartbeat again and was starting to freak out again. Caden's Mom quickly said "I renounce you Kyle in the name of Jesus Christ." Caden then announced that he could no longer hear "Kyle's" heartbeat. He said that has never happened before- Kyle never just goes away. Apparently Kyle has been around for awhile and has been telling Caden to self harm, burn the house down and suicide. Caden did not think anyone would believe him. We have since found out that sever depression and some of the meds he is on can cause hallucinations. Caden is now out of the psych hospital and is continuing with outpatient services. I have never really believed in demons in our era- definitely not like in the old testament. But after that night with Caden, I am certain they exist. If you could please remember Caden in your prayers as he continues his journey to better health, we would appreciate it. Thank you for "listening" to my story. Everyone please stay safe.


by noah 9d ago

They are real no doubt about that .You need to not forget to plead the blood of Jesus over him your home etc. He cannot pass through that if we belong to Christ .There is a great book about this called Pigs in the parlor.May God be with you all :):)I will be praying.Carolyn

by gerryvb 10d ago

prayers are needed here indeed. Thank you for sharing this story... I hope and pray for healing.

by 1953slvv 11d ago

When I had "bad energies" come into my bedroom one night I immediately started sending love to it. It thanked me and left. It has never been back. LOVE is the highest vibration. Everyone is either giving love or asking for love. Always give love in response to everything.

by rachap 11d ago

That poor child. Certainly in our prayers we will lift him up as well as you.

by sdrise 12d ago

prayers are coming your way for Caden and the family..

by jrob Moderator 12d ago

I'm so sorry for this precious child. There are many demon appearances in the New Testament, too. Rebuking them in Jesus name was brave and brilliant. I'm glad that you are teaching Caden to believe and to rebuke as well. I'll certainly pray for all of you.

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by pennifold edited 12d ago

Hi Debbie, I pray that all will be well with Caden and thank you for sharing your story with us. Continued prayers for all concerned. Love Chris

by sadp 12d ago

The Name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run into it and they are safe....praying for your family and the complete healing of Caden

by Bielies 12d ago

Will keep him in my prayers. Unfortunately there are demons and satan will do anything to take away our faith and destroy families. Pray that the blood of Jesus covers him every day and when we call on Him, the bible promises us that satan will run away from us. God bless your family.

by 02kar Moderator 12d ago

I'm reading this because demons do exist in our time. The Bible is very clear about this. I am praying for you, for his mom and for Caden. You are all very very brave people and stay strong in your faith.

by dailylaundry 12d ago

Of course, Caden will be in my prayers, along with you and your daughter! Hugs, Laura

by jenne 12d ago

We will be saying prayers for him, may Jesus keep you safe.

by tuross 12d ago

Blessed be the Lords Jesus power. I have no doubt Cadens' Mum's intervention by renouncing the demon 'Kyle' has been a turning point in his recover. I pray you all continue to be blessed and strong in your faith and Caden returns to health no matter how long the journey. Lynne in OZ

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noah by noah 9d ago

Lyne in Oz as the wizard of OZ???

by sewtired 12d ago

My heart goes out to you and Caden. His experience sounds so much more like a small child's nightmare than a teen's. Sounds like constant reassurance of Jesus love is needed in the short time. I pray he can overcome this.