by babash 13d ago

I was asked to do some Bath Towels they are a very dark charcoal grey.

The Trampoline was done for me by a Cutie as I couldn't find one that I liked. It is perfect I am so pleased with it.
The Soccer one you can see the net but I should have done it in fawn or white instead of black.
The Horse is for the Mum.
I put them on the left hand side so they won't be rough on the skin when being used.
Hard to do sporty type ones on dark colours I find.
Thanks for looking.


by pennyhal2 12d ago

These are great! I really like the soccer one! I sometimes think we are our own worst critic, and these towels are just perfect! Whoever gets them will love them!

by sonjapotgieter 12d ago

Awesome work!!!Beautiful!!

by dragonflyer 13d ago

They all look great...

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babash by babash 12d ago

Thank you

by 02kar Moderator 13d ago

You did a great job on each towel. I like the black net on the soccer one since the net is subtle in real life. You have made 3 people very happy indeed with these.

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babash by babash 12d ago

Thank you

by noah 13d ago

Well you did an excellent Job .They will be pleased:):)hugs

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babash by babash 13d ago

Thank you hope so.

by pennifold 13d ago

Well done Barb, I'm sure they will appreciate them. Love Chris

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babash by babash 13d ago