by cfidl 17 Nov 2020

This is so weird I have to tell you. I saw an portrait of a sea angel and wanted to see more. I did not think they were real. Then I googled sea angels and went to the images tab. When I scrolled down the page it looks like the wings are moving. That is what is too weird. Please tell me you are seeing this effect also. Too weird. Lol!


by cfidl 18 Nov 2020

Maybe it is my monitor, or how the page generates. It is so weird. Thanks for looking. I do have confirmation with hubby so I know it really looks this way. I think I want a keyfob of this creature.

by 02kar Moderator 18 Nov 2020

Isn't it a fascinating world we live in! I've seen pictures of these but never knew their name

by gerryvb 18 Nov 2020

they are lovely and are real, very small beautiful creatures.

by Bielies 17 Nov 2020

Thank you for posting, I watched the video, they are so beautiful!

by toogie 17 Nov 2020

I watched the National Geographic video. It says they are related to snails. What you are calling wings and they refer to, are how they swim. They are so translucent it makes them looks much like wings. They also show a sea butterfly.

by noah 17 Nov 2020

I googled it and saw how they used angels but NO MOVING WINGS SORRY