by blueeyedblonde 06 Nov 2020

I have a question! Does anyone have a Babylock

Solaris? How do you like it? Pros, cons?


by deannabriese 08 Nov 2020

Yes, I do and I love it. I traded in my Viking Diamond for it. It is so very easy to sew with, quietly, accurately and problem free so far. I have used the embroidery unit a few times...mostly use my Babylock10-needle for that. But, it is accurate and does a good job sewing out designs --small and large. Since I got it right before the epidemic I have not had classes on everything it can do, so just sort of learning it by exploration. Lots to learn as it is a sophisticated machine. I love the large screen. Makes it easier for my old eyes.

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blueeyedblonde by blueeyedblonde 10 Nov 2020

Thanks for the comments. I have thought of it before but price is a stopper, but my dealer/repairman recently said he thought that was the machine for me and quoted me a price much lower. So, lots to think about and find out what others think of it.

by pennyhal2 08 Nov 2020

I have the Destiny2 and don't think I'd use the new different functions of the Solaris. I thought about it though. In addition to the huge price , it made no sense to me to buy it. The Destiny has a lot of things that I never use probably because I prefer editing/creating designs on my very large computer screen where I can better see the details, especially when looking at individual stitches. It's getting harder for me to move the Destiny if I need to take it to the shop because of its size/weight, especially as I get older. What machine are you using now?

blueeyedblonde by blueeyedblonde 10 Nov 2020

I have a Janome MC11000SE (the one that got me hooked on embroidery!) and I have the Elissimo gold (upgraded to a 2).
I love the Elissimo. Would have liked the Destiny when it came out but! Recently when I was talking to my repairman (he also sells machines), he suggested the Solaris for me and a good price for it.
I'm tempted because of all the features. A lot to think about!

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 11 Nov 2020

Hmmmm, honestly, if you have the Ellisimo Gold 2, I can't imagine why you would entertain the my opinion, it does not offer much more than what you already have...just sayin'... I have the original Ellisimo with all of the 4 upgrades and neither the Destiny nor thee Solaris offer enough for me to consider either of them...a whole lot of money for a "pittance" of functionality...just my humble opinion....

by crafter2243 Moderator 06 Nov 2020

Sorry. I looked at the machine and decided to get a car instead. Just kidding. Thought I bring you back to the top

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blueeyedblonde by blueeyedblonde 06 Nov 2020

Thanks for the chuckle! Lol