by killiecrankie 01 Nov 2020

Photos of Corellas & Rainbow Lorikeets feeding together in a silky oak tree on the footpath outside our house.

I never had been so close to the Corellas before to notice how blue the outside of their eyes were.These birds don't mind people coming up close to them ,to take photos but take off if they hear a loud noise.


by lbrow 01 Nov 2020

I love birds. These are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us

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by asterixsew Moderator edited 01 Nov 2020

Thanks for sharing pictures and information of these beautiful birds. Please what are the other two birds in the last picture?

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crafter2243 by crafter2243 01 Nov 2020

I was just going to ask the same question. They are all beautiful.

by 02kar Moderator 01 Nov 2020

God created such a beautiful world filled with beautiful creatures. I so enjoy seeing the birds and animals in our many different continents and countries. Thanks for sharing and hope to see more pictures.

by sdrise 01 Nov 2020

Ah Mother nature!! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos of the birds!

by gerryvb 01 Nov 2020

thank you for sharing, beautiful animals 🦆

by maleah 01 Nov 2020

You are so blessed. Thank you for sharing. From Tennessee

by pennifold 01 Nov 2020

Beautiful Judy, we get the Rosellas and Lorikeets. There is a large flock of the Corellas down at Warners Bay and boy are they noisy! Love Chris

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killiecrankie by killiecrankie 03 Nov 2020

I think these were part of the flock that lived over at Toukley & Gorokan, only about a dozen birds.The Lorikeets are noisy & very cheeky ,screeching at you while you are in the garden.

by marianb 01 Nov 2020

Lovely gathering, so nice to have nature close.

by bielie 01 Nov 2020

They are soooo beautiful. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.