by basketkase 26d ago

Happy Halloween to all and Happy last day of October to those that don't like Halloween.....This is my late Tuxie wishing a great day to everyone!


by airyfairy 25d ago

Here in SA we do not really celebrate Halloween. Love the picture Vicki

by cfidl 26d ago

She sure is scary!!

by 02kar Moderator 26d ago

Tuxie is missed, but good to see a picture. I hope you have a safe evening I am ready for any trick or treaters and my hubby will be helping to park cars a a local church festival/ trunk or treat event.

by dailylaundry 26d ago

Happy Halloween! We don't expect many trick or treaters this year - but, I am prepared. I remember how much our kiddos loved going around our neighborhood!!! I plan to put a table in front of our door with individual bags of candy for anyone who comes by. The front of our house is decorated! What a picture of Tuxie!! Hugs, Laura