by airyfairy 30 Oct 2020

Many of you know of my grandson Joshua. Today is his 26th. birthday. Where has the time gone Josh? From me looking after you every afternoon when you were a baby to now, living in Dubai with mum, working at a veterinary clinic.

You have been through so much loosing your leg. I am proud to be your grandmother. Happy birthday my love.

1) josh @ 18 months
2) day after amputation with mum, brother and adopted sister.
3) taken recently with his mum in Dubai.


by cfidl 31 Oct 2020

Happy Birthday Josh! He looks so happy as does Mom.

by hightechgrammy 30 Oct 2020

Happy Happy birthday to Josh! He looks so great! We prayed so much for him and it's so nice to see him enjoying life! Please giver him our well-wishes!

by dragonflyer 30 Oct 2020

Happy Birthday Josh! You have been through so much and have come out on the positive side of life...we are all very proud of you here on Cute...and you have a very special grandmother too!

by dailylaundry 30 Oct 2020

The Happiest of Birthdays, Joshua!!! What a smile. I so agree with rescuer, I too worried so for Joshua - but, he showed us all how incredibly strong and kind this young man is! I truly wish the best for him!!! Hugs, Laura

by rescuer Moderator 30 Oct 2020

I don't remember fretting so much about someone I've never met. Such an adorable toddler and such a determined man!

Happy birthday Josh!

by toogie 30 Oct 2020

Wishing you the happiest 26th Birthday ever from the southern USA! ( Gosh Sarah, the years have flown , I didn’t realize he was this age already!!) Josh, you have been an inspiration to many, enduring and overcoming all your trials. You, along with my special granddaughter, are an Honorary Cutie! May you be blessed with great health, wealth and happiness! Have a great day today, however you spend it-Toogie

by jrob Moderator 30 Oct 2020

Happiest of birthdays, Josh! I feel like i know you and I've sent you messages about being a champion, praying for you, and how I've admired your tenacity and drive. Can't help but feel proud of you young man. Keep doing you with the same exuberance you've been doing. The whole world is yours, go enjoy it!
Thanks for including us Sarah! You should be so proud!!!!

by graceandham 30 Oct 2020

What a precious baby Josh was! I just want to scoop him up and toss him in the air and say "Happy Birthday."

by 02kar Moderator 30 Oct 2020

A very happy birthday Josh. We Cuties have followed your highs and lows for so much of your life, we feel you are a part of the Cute family. We are all so proud of all you have accomplished over the years. Have the bestest of best birthdays today and hope to see many more years of joy and accomplishments.

by crafter2243 Moderator 30 Oct 2020

Happy Birthday Joshua. Even though we never met, I feel I know you having followed your ups and downs over the years. I want to wish you all the best for this special day.

by jenne 30 Oct 2020

How quickly they grow up. We must treasure them.

by stork 30 Oct 2020

WOW!!! Time sure does fly. Happy Birthday Joshua!

by sdrise 30 Oct 2020

Happy Birthday Joshua what a handsome young man! Enjoy your special day!

by lbrow 30 Oct 2020

A Happy Birthday to Joshua. He has come through so much. Proud of him and his accomplishments.

by pennifold 30 Oct 2020

Happy birthday dear Joshua. I pray your day will be filled with love, happiness, friends and your Mum too. Congratulations on your achievements so far. I've been watching you from the time your Grandmother first put up your picture, love from down-under in Australia, Chris
P.S. Emma looks great too.

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airyfairy by airyfairy 30 Oct 2020

Thank you Chris. I will pass on all the messages.

by asterixsew Moderator 30 Oct 2020

Happy Birthday Josh and Sarah hope you get a opportunity to speak to him today.

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airyfairy by airyfairy 30 Oct 2020

I am not able to speak to him today but we are having a Discord chat tomorrow evening with the whole family.
Thank you Caroline for the good wishes

by momac 30 Oct 2020

Happy Birthday Josh, have a fantastic day, from Maureen all the way from Durban

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airyfairy by airyfairy 30 Oct 2020

Thank you Maureen