by mrskiki 28 Oct 2020

Hi Ladies. I have something I feel it's time to share with you all. 3 years ago my Husband was diagnosed with stage 2 pancreatic cancer. He had surgery to remove the tumor, part of the pancreas as well as his spleen and several lymph nodes. At that time we thought they got it all. However some cells must have already "escaped" and started growing on the surgical scar on the pancreas. We decided on chemo only at that time. Needless to say, it was not totally successful. Next came radiation. Again not successful, in fact it only seemed to "p" it off. In January we were told a cure was not in the cards, so o to a chemo regimen to prolong his life. It has provided us with these many months. On Monday his last scan showed that the tumors are growing at a rate that means the chemo is no longer effective. So now we are at the last stages-no more treatments and hoping that he still has some time with a decent quality of life. Please keep us in your prayers. And if I am not around much you all know why. Hugs. Nan


by pennyhal2 27 Nov 2020

I am so sorry to hear what you have been going through. I'm sure you are doing all you can to make this part of his life comfortable. He knows how much you love him by all the care and love you you give him. It is hard to be positive when you know that there is nothing more you can do. I hope that you have family and friends near by to help support you through this journey. I hope you post here whenever you feel alone and stressed out along this journey you are on. Praying for you.

by hightechgrammy 24 Nov 2020

Nan, I'm so sorry. I do pray you will be able to make some very sweet memories during this time. It is just so hard and my heart is just breaking with yours and his.

by cj2sew 24 Nov 2020

Praying that you can spend as much quality time together as possible. Especially asking the Lord to watch over you both.

by tuross 24 Nov 2020

Nan my heart goes out to you and already the Lord has heard my prayers that your husband's passing will be painless and peaceful and you will have family and friends who will give you all the love and support you need.
I pray too that whatever the time you have left, is able to be spent creating beautiful new memories, remembering your love for one another, and plenty of joy and laughter.
Lynne in OZ

by kustomkuddle 24 Nov 2020

Nan, You, your husband and your family are in my prayers. Cancer is never an easy diagnosis to hear and I know from experience that pancreatic cancer is difficult to treat. May your husband's final time on earth be peaceful and meaningful. Hugs

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by sdrise edited 24 Nov 2020

Prayers are coming your way for both of you.... My heart goes out to you both. HUGS

by arisann 23 Nov 2020

I just saw this concerning your Husband. I will pray for him and you and all your family. This will be such a hard time and I pray The Lord will give you strength through it all. I am so sorry to hear he is so sick. God be with you. Lv N Prayers...
The ONE who holds the universe is holding you dear Husband!

by sewtired 29 Oct 2020

I pray that you are able to spend his last days together and can find something to give you both some joy at this time of great heartache.

by jrob Moderator 29 Oct 2020

Nan, I'm so sorry to hear this. I'm joining this angel band of Cuties in prayer for the both of you and your family.

by cfidl 29 Oct 2020

Prayers to you and yours during this sad time.

by mrskiki 29 Oct 2020

Thanks to you all for you kind words and most of all the prayers. I have been a part of this community for quite a number of years and love the fellowship it provides us. Hugs to everyone. Nan

by maleah 29 Oct 2020

I am so sorry to hear this. I will keep your family in my prayers, too

by mops Moderator 29 Oct 2020

Sorry to hear this. Prayers are with you and him.

by momac 29 Oct 2020

Sorry to hear the news. My prayers and thought go out to you. Hugs from Maureen

by sewmadau 29 Oct 2020

Having recently lost a niece to pancreatic cancer I understand what you both are going through. My love and thoughts are with you.

by hightechgrammy 28 Oct 2020

OH Nan, I'm so sorry you and he are having to go through this really tough time. I will pray that our Lord will give you some very special memories of this time you still have together. Much love, Jan

by vkggal 28 Oct 2020

So sorry, praying for God's blessings for both of you.

by tuross 28 Oct 2020

My heart is so sad for you both Nan and I pray especially that when the time comes for your husband to join the Lord you can take comfort and strength from this knowing that you will be together again eventually. It's a tough journey ahead so I pray that your husband passes in peace both physically and mentally, and you are left with the joy you had in sharing you life with him.
Most of all I pray you both enjoy this time together and can extract every possible joy and happiness in the days ahead. Hugs Lynne C

by pennifold 28 Oct 2020

Dear Nan, as I sit here on the other side of the world my heart is aching for you. I know how difficult it is to live with this disease and I like all the others on here are praying for you for comfort. I know that our Lord is watching you both and when it's time He will keep you in the palm of His hand. Having worked for the NSW Cancer Council for nearly 7 years I am fully aware of your journey with your husband. We will all pray for you and hubby. BlessingS to you and make lots of memories while you are both together. Love Chris

by dragonflyer 28 Oct 2020

So sad to hear this....know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers...stay strong.

by asterixsew Moderator 28 Oct 2020

Nan thinking about both of you at such a difficult time in your lives. Positive thoughts coming your way

by 02kar Moderator 28 Oct 2020

You know we will have prayers going up for you by the dozens for wisdom and strength. And we know Our Lord and Savior has the 2 of you held close during this time.. You are not alone, we will be here for you whenever you need us. You take care of your hubby and make some wonderful memories to cherish during this time.

by rescuer Moderator 28 Oct 2020

I cannot imagine watching a beloved spouse with it... knowing there is nothing a doctor can do. You and your DH will be in my prayers. I hope the Lord will comfort you both and help provide some wonderful memories you can hold in your heart.
Come visit Cute when you need a shoulder to cry on. We will be here! Sending you cyber hugs!

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mrskiki by mrskiki 29 Oct 2020

Everyone says I am so strong, but that is just a facade. It is such a surreal state to live in-trying to keep things as normal as possible while remembering how sick he really is. He is the strong one and to look at him you would not know he is as sick as he is. Hugs to you too.

by lbrow 28 Oct 2020

Nan, I am so sorry. In a sense I am dealing with the same only not pancreas. Mine is in the left lung, inoperable and they say no chemo will stop the Sarcomas. I am fine with this and oddly enough they are very slow growing I believe it's prayers. God bless you both I ache for you both and you both will be in my prayers.

rescuer by rescuer 28 Oct 2020

The Lord knows you have dresses to make and more lives to touch. You remain in my prayers.

mrskiki by mrskiki 29 Oct 2020

We both believe in the power of prayer and are keeping you in ours as well. This disease is a terrible thing. We all need to keep praying for a cure. Hugs.

by stork 28 Oct 2020

Hugs to you and your family. So sorry that your husband and your family are going thru all this. My prayers will be with you all and I pray that a miracle does never knows. God Bless. Tonya

by graceandham 28 Oct 2020

Bless your heart, that is a lot to bear. I will pray for you two as you enter this final, difficult and sweet time together on this side of heaven. i pray that you will have some quality, since you have been shorted on quantity time.

by dailylaundry 28 Oct 2020

Nan, my heart goes out to you - I am so sorry. I promise, you and your husband will be in my prayers. Please don't forget to take care of yourself. Love, prayers and hugs, Laura

by gramsbear 28 Oct 2020

So sad for you both, my prayers are with you both. Hugs, Judy...

by crafter2243 Moderator 28 Oct 2020

I will be thinking and praying for you and your husband. This is such a horrible decease. My heart goes out to you. Sending hugs

by toogie 28 Oct 2020

Oh Nan, my heart aches for you. It is good to let us know so we can lift you both, and your family in prayer, but I know your sharing had to be in your time. Sometimes we have to hold things close to our heart before we can let it out to everyone. Cancer seems to be in all our lives, one person or another. I am so sorry he will have to walk this journey but if his faith is like yours, he knows he won’t walk alone. Much love to you-Toogie

by airyfairy 28 Oct 2020

Oh Nan, my heart goes out to you. Sending you and hubby masses of cyber hugs.

by sdrise 28 Oct 2020

so sorry t hear this... Prayers are with you all... All the best!