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by toogie ( edited 28d ago ) 25 Oct 2020

UPDATE BELOW-Hello Cuties! Here is a 42x58 Maze quilt top I just made. It is a donation quilt for CASA. I still have to quilt it, bind and label. The child can play the maze game or I Spy with a friend searching all through the little blocks.

I had asked Marge a member of our quilt group for this pattern. She not only gave me the pattern but cut out all the 2 1/2 inch squares, all 400 of them! She knew I’d make it for the children so it’s a joint project. The black strips I cut but I’m sure black squares could be used. Strips eliminated sewing smaller patches and make the maze look more divided.
Also, the beginning and ending called for only the 4 1/2 inch blocks. I added the arrows (flying geese units) to mark the entrance and exit.
I think it’s interesting and hope you do too. Have a nice day and stay healthy! ❤️Toogie

Update- I tried quilting this with a larger meander than the Blush and Bashful quilt. You may remember this fabric I used for the backing. It was leftover from these purse & checkbook projects. I was lucky to have enough because I like it for this quilt back, too. Just wanted to show the finish. I hope you can see.


by anitapatch 23d ago

So many lovley thing that comes from your hands

by brendalea 24d ago

You sure are a busy lady. Lovely items. Happy stitching :-)

by jenne 29d ago

What size are the blocks? look so nice, neat work .

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toogie by toogie 29d ago

Blocks have 7x7 (2 1/2in) squares except for bottom 7 x 8- thanks

by sewpam 26 Oct 2020

As Always Beautiful!! You are very thoughtful and generous. A Child will treasure this quilt.

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toogie by toogie 26 Oct 2020

ThanksPam I hope so. I would like to make one for my own grandchild but I can do that anytime. This is for part of a child’s Christmas.

by mrskiki 26 Oct 2020

Beautiful job. Someone is going to love it. Toogie you are amazing in how prolific you are. Can I have some of your energy? Hugs. Nan

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toogie by toogie 26 Oct 2020

Lol-you don’t need energy Nan, the machine does all the work! Just set it on the fastest speed and get going 😃Thanks for looking and I hope you’re right and they love it

by marianb 26 Oct 2020

Beautiful, congratulations to you and Marge on a job well done. It will be loved.

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toogie by toogie 26 Oct 2020

Thank you , I will tell her.

by pennifold 26 Oct 2020

This is awesome Toogie, you amaze me on how many quilts you make. The child who gets this will have lots of fun. I just did it and got it straight away, but that's because I'm doing it from a distance. Having it on the floor I'm sure would take a lot longer. Love Chris

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toogie by toogie 26 Oct 2020

This one went fast because I didn’t have to cut all those squares! The maze is what the quilt is made for, but I can see a little boy playing with his Matchbox cars through the maze or playing I Spy from the squares, with a friend. So many possibilities.

by stork 25 Oct 2020

What an awesome project. Somebody is going to love having this one. Another great design!

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toogie by toogie 25 Oct 2020

Thank you, I loved the one I saw and wanted to make one too.

by crafter2243 Moderator 25 Oct 2020

First of all congratulations to the 2 of you. This turned out to be a great project. At first look I realized it was a maze but I followed the the dark strips only to find out that there was no beginning and end. After reading your comment about the arrow (smart to add them) I found my way around. One should always read first. Great job Toogie

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toogie by toogie edited 25 Oct 2020

Thanks! I know you have plenty different colored this tempting you to make one? I can email you the sizes for the black strips😃

Follow the colored paths😉

by rescuer Moderator 25 Oct 2020

That is amazing! All the work and the placement...the cutting of the squares would take me a lifetime!

toogie by toogie 25 Oct 2020

You’re so funny, but it does take a while. My husband and I cut quiet a few that I want to turn into a granny square quilt. It will take a lot more though because they are so small and I want it bed size. I still want to make all my kids & grands a quilt.

toogie by toogie 25 Oct 2020

I spy Pooh bear...can you find him?

rescuer by rescuer 25 Oct 2020


by 02kar Moderator 25 Oct 2020

Oh my! The fortunate child who receives this cheerful quilt will have hours of fun. You two make a super team and I hope you continue to work on more projects.

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toogie by toogie 25 Oct 2020

Oh you know I will! I’ll tell Marge what you said. If she’d rather cut, I’d rather sew or piece.

by mops Moderator 25 Oct 2020

Such a lovely idea. I love the colours, it looks so bright. Children will love it!
I made some maze patterns with a marble inside. I think I could use the same pattern for a quilt if you don't mind me copying the maze idea.

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toogie by toogie 25 Oct 2020

I’d love to see your maze and no I don’t mind at all. In fact I welcome you to, that’s what sharing ideas are all about! If I make another I don’t think I would use the 4 1/2 inch start/finish. I used them this time because Marge had them included ( the fish and penguins). I do like the arrows so I’d keep them in.

by asterixsew Moderator 25 Oct 2020

Lovely work and a labour of love by the pair of you. There are some v lucky people who receive some of these quilts

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toogie by toogie 25 Oct 2020

I’m sure it took Marge longer to cut all these than for me to sew them up. I think she had the harder work as cutting is my least favorite part. If I want to continue piecing, Sharon cut out about 5 QOV tops and sent home with me. She said she knew I’d get them done!😳I didn’t tell her I’m still trying to precut my ‘gave to me’ fabrics.

by airyfairy 25 Oct 2020

Such a brilliant idea. The colours are outstanding. Love it Toogie

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toogie by toogie 25 Oct 2020

Thanks Sarah, even though it wasn’t my idea, I loved the one Marge did. I failed to get a picture of it before we loaded them up for CASA, so later I had to ask for the pattern. It’s easy to figure out by looking at the picture because all blocks are 2 1/2 inch.