by mi30kaja 24 Oct 2020

This Elephant gave me so much grief. It doesn't help when you mix two patterns and try to make them into one. At the moment this is the last for my collection but have a friend who wants me to make her a cat. Will see her tomorrow.


by brendalea 01 Nov 2020

Your animals are so cute. Love them all.

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mi30kaja by mi30kaja 01 Nov 2020

Thank You so much. I enjoy making them but now what to do with all of them.

by noah 27 Oct 2020

My Granddaughter would love this wish i lived near you i would buy one in a minute :):)

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mi30kaja by mi30kaja 28 Oct 2020

Caroline you are so clever that you should be able to make one yourself.

by cfidl 27 Oct 2020

I love this elephant. Love the hex shape with a flower center. Where did te pattern come from? I would like to share it with my daughter.

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mi30kaja by mi30kaja 28 Oct 2020

I found the pattern on Pinterest. There are many there. Also there is an Elephant with a longer trunk. It is a Heidi Bears pattern also on Pinterest and also I am sure if you Google it.

by pennyhal2 27 Oct 2020

Fabulous! Your color choices really make this elephant come to life. I enjoy seeing it as I don't knit and am fascinated with what you come up with.

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mi30kaja by mi30kaja 27 Oct 2020

I am making a bear for a friend. I am not happy with her choice of colours .

by sewtired 25 Oct 2020

Totally awesome elephant. I guess I didn't look closely enough, but I didn't realize that the pieces were different shapes. Now that you've mentioned it, I can easily see some pentagons and hexagons. Where did you get the patterns?

mi30kaja by mi30kaja 26 Oct 2020

I have found all of my patterns on Pinterest.

sewtired by sewtired 27 Oct 2020

Thank you.

by tuross 25 Oct 2020

I think your elephant is gorgeous and very clever. I couldn't make it in a million years.

by 02kar Moderator 25 Oct 2020

Oh my! You may have had to struggle to combine the 2 patterns but it was certainly worth the time, effort and grief. I love it. Now I can't wait to see the next one. I think a cat will be a nice addition to the crocheted zoo.

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mi30kaja by mi30kaja 25 Oct 2020

At the moment I am not thinking of doing any more other than the car for my friend but we will see. Have no idea what I will do with them.

by asterixsew Moderator 25 Oct 2020

Congratulations on a super elephant. maybe a few problems along the way but you got there in the end. Love your colour combinations

by mrskiki 25 Oct 2020

Very cute! The hat and rug on her back make her look regal. Hugs. Nan

by pennifold 25 Oct 2020

Hi Lynne, what a perfectly pretty Pachyderm! You've done an awesome job on all of these animals. Love Chris

by shirley124 25 Oct 2020

Well done. Hugs

by stock 25 Oct 2020

this is great,are all the squares the same size and its how you put them together, or are they crochet to size in a pattern,,,wendy

it make sense when I think it but looks strange when typed

mi30kaja by mi30kaja 25 Oct 2020

They are not squares but Pentagons (5 sides). Hexagons (6 sides) and octagons (8 sides) and if you don't put them together in the correct sequence this is when you have problems.

stock by stock 26 Oct 2020

now I understand, thanks wendy

by sewmadau 24 Oct 2020

He looks perfect to me, you have done a great job.

by dailylaundry 24 Oct 2020

She might have been difficult - but she is perfect!!! So pretty!

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by crafter2243 Moderator edited 25 Oct 2020

I agree with Toogie. Somehow those Granny Squares fit perfect for a elephant design or maybe it was the colors you chose. Anyway he may have given you grief, but he turned out well.

by toogie 24 Oct 2020

I like this one best! It’s so cute! It may have given you grief but you can be happy now. Looks. magnificent!

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mi30kaja by mi30kaja 25 Oct 2020

Thank You.