by noah 24 Oct 2020

Busy morning baking for the boys(men) Thanks For LQQKING Oh Yes i was given flowers from the funeral A cop was killed in an accident,in our small town.She was unloading guns and somehow one shot her in the liver .It was a high powered riffle went right through her liver .she was only 43 and went to school with our boys:(:(Hugs Carolyn


by sewtired 25 Oct 2020

So sad about the police lady.
I'm always impressed by what comes out of your kitchen! Yummy.

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noah by noah 26 Oct 2020

Lol Sometimes i am also :):)hugsxx

by lbrow 25 Oct 2020

Carolyn,you are such a kin and good person. God bless you.!

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noah by noah 25 Oct 2020

Ah Thanks Dad always said"It takes one to know one"

by pennyhal2 25 Oct 2020

What an horrific event! I'm sure the whole town is grieving for the loss of a police officer. It was kind of them to give you such a beautiful wreath of flowers.

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noah by noah 25 Oct 2020

Yes it sure was :):)

by toogie 25 Oct 2020

I love your cake pan and of course your cake. I hate washing my Bundt pan and this one looks like it has more groves and crevices.-lol what is the pan called?

Also, I think it would be very hard to accidentally shoot oneself with a rifle. She would have had to have been pointing the rifle toward herself and no one unloads like that. With her training in firearms too, I think an investigation should be opened. Highly suspicious to me. ..Condolences for her family and friends.

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noah by noah 25 Oct 2020

Rose cake pan it was $45.yes she should of know better but +++++accidents happen

by gramsbear 25 Oct 2020

Amazing!... You are someone to be proud to know! Beautiful flowers! Yummy baked goods! God Bless You!...

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noah by noah 25 Oct 2020

Ah thanks:):)Hugsxx

by 02kar Moderator 25 Oct 2020

That was so nice that you were given some flowers. They certainly brighten up the window. I know the boys were very happy to have all of those goodies to bring home too.

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noah by noah 25 Oct 2020

yes they were they will be here Sunday shortly after there prayer meeting .Today we have Egg sandwiches and left over everything lol

by pennifold 25 Oct 2020

Oh! Carolyn, I am so sorry to read about that poor policewoman who accidentally shot herself. How devastating for her family and so young.

I love your cake tin, what an unusual shape and your Scones and Chop chip cookies look fabulous too. Well done, love Chris

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noah by noah 25 Oct 2020

Thanks 4 your kind words Only half the cake left lol

by marianb 25 Oct 2020

Always so sad when there is a shooting. The floral arrangement for her is lovely.

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noah by noah 25 Oct 2020

thanks hugsxx

by shirley124 24 Oct 2020

Yoy have been busy. Sad about the Police Officer. Lovely flowers. Hugs

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noah by noah 25 Oct 2020

thanks Shirley:):)

by dailylaundry 24 Oct 2020

So sad about your law enforcement officer. Your baking is looks yummy!

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noah by noah 25 Oct 2020

It was i sent the boys home with lots lol

by asterixsew Moderator 24 Oct 2020

Great baking it looks very yummy. Very sad about the polcewoman

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noah by noah 25 Oct 2020

Sure was :(:(

by babash 24 Oct 2020

How sad about the gun accident. Your baking looks delicious were they for the Wake?

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noah by noah 25 Oct 2020

nope it was over on wed. Were eatting them.I make extra and send some home with the boys as they got no wife lol