by gerryvb 22 Oct 2020

Daily quote for October 22:

"It's not how big the house is ,
it's how happy the home is...."


by sdrise 23 Oct 2020

Thank You!!

by lbrow 22 Oct 2020

Where love abides, whether large or small, happiness will bring sunshine in your home.

by gerryvb 22 Oct 2020

hope you all have a wonderful day.
And Angie I hope you , Coco and your house are very very happy today !!! And your day is as special as you are.

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crafter2243 by crafter2243 22 Oct 2020

You make me smile. We are happy. Coco right now wishes I would be done with Cute and start playing ball. That is our morning routine. I hope you will have a great day too. Hugs