by hightechgrammy 22 Oct 2020

Well, I don't know where to start. WE have been surround4d. by wildfires in the mountains in Colorado. We were evacuated today at about 5:00, and by 10:00 we heard our whole area has burned. It sounds like we probably lost our house. We did get out with two cars, one with all the necessities, and the other with lots of sentimental items. It was like the movie Independence Day as we were leaving with both lanes heading south out of the area, and it was going at a crawl and tons of sirens and firetrucks whizzing past us going to Grand Lake. We had no idea the fire was so close. The wind changed directions and jumped over mountain ridge to get to our home. So, we don't know if we have a home to go home to. I did save my machines, but not the embroidery units. I also saved some of my favorite and hard to replace fabrics. Just is unreal. Our new phase of our life will start today. God is good and He will be with us through this.


by toogie 23 Oct 2020

Oh Jan, I am just reading this and hope dearly, your house and so many others may be spared. I don't know what else to say, as all this is so stressful, while you wait to see the aftermath. May God bless and keep you from harm.

by jenne 23 Oct 2020

Will be saying some prayers for all today, such sad news , our nation could use prayer right now.

by marianb 23 Oct 2020

Bush fires can unrelenting, really glad to hear you both got out safely with some of you prized possessions. Hope your neighbors are safe and your house survived.

by dollygk 23 Oct 2020

So sorry to hear this but do hope your home was spared!! Sending good vibes your way... hugs, Dolly

by sewtired 23 Oct 2020

Such devastating news. Glad you are safe and were able to take some things with you, but no matter how well prepared, something important is almost always left behind. We've fled hurricanes, but I've always thought that fires were so much worse. Let's hope your house was spared, but if not praying that starting over won't be too difficult.

by clintonmiss22 22 Oct 2020

So sorry to hear of these troubles! I pray your home was spared. Prayers for all in the path of these terrible fires. My daughter-in-law's parents had to evacuate from Estes Park today. They went to their son's house north of the Denver area, but it is not much better in their town either.

by hightechgrammy 22 Oct 2020

Thank you all so very much for your kind words and love. I would respond to everyone, but I am so involved with communicating with neighbors and friends. So far, all are safe, but lots and lots of houses are gone. We don't know about ours, but two across the street were on fire this morning. The wind is horrible! It is not showing signs of stopping and everyone is hoping for snow this Sunday. That cannot come soon enough. The fire went from 10,000 acres to 143,00 thousand in 12 hours! There is another enormous fire and everyone is concerned they will join. That one is the largest in Colorado history and if this one joins it will be catastrophic to the entire state. It is now in Rocky Mountain National park where there are miles and miles of forest without roads or breaks. There is just nothing to stop these fires. Please continue to pray for Colorado. We are okay, but there are som many other families who don't havre the resources to deal with this. We are okay financially - it is a huge hit on our future financial security, but we have always saved for a "rainy" day. Thank you all so very much for your loving and helpful offers. I love my dear Cuties . You have supported me through the hardest of times and losing our house is not nearly as hard as losing our dear Ben. Hugs, Jan

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 22 Oct 2020

Our Lord will take care of us, He always has and He always will. the Bible says be Strong and Courageous and we are. We are blessed.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 23 Oct 2020

Thanks for the update. No reason to answer everyone. Save the battery and energy for more important things. We are all praying for you. Hugs

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by shirley124 edited 22 Oct 2020

I am so saddened to read this. So pleased you had time to pack some of your prized possessions. Glad you are safe and pray that you will have a home to go back to. Prayers for you and all your friends ad neighbors.

by tuross 22 Oct 2020

My heart breaks for you at the loss of all the irreplaceable mementoes but praise the Lord that you escaped without injury. He will provide and protect as he always does while holding you in his arms until you are on your feet again. If I can offer you a little financial help please let me know where I can send it. Hugs Lynne In Australia.

by pcteddyb 22 Oct 2020

I am so sorry for your situation. Fires here in the US have been awful everywhere.

by MamawKat 22 Oct 2020

My thoughts and prayers are with you, your family and neighbors! A difficult time, but thank God you all left in time. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

by dailylaundry 22 Oct 2020

Oh, my I can't even imagine your worries! So sorry for you and everyone who lives close to you - please know you are in my thoughts and prayers! You are right, God will see you through this. Bunches of hugs, Laura

by AuntAnnie 22 Oct 2020

My heart is breaking for you and for your neighbors. Hoping everyone stays safe.

by lbrow 22 Oct 2020

I am so sorry, words cannot express the depth of emotions . I do know your trust is in the one you can count on. He will see you through all this. Many prayers going up for you.

by sewpam 22 Oct 2020

I am happy you are safe but so very sad to hear of the destruction. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

by gramsbear 22 Oct 2020

So sad to hear this news!, I am so sad for the possible loss for youns, but am happy youns got out safely. With some precious stuff! Hugs & Prayers for you all...

by dragonflyer 22 Oct 2020

Oh, Jan, I am so very sorry to hear this... I am happy that you got out safely and with some of your possessions... I live in Southern California and we don't have a fire "season" anymore, it is considered a year round hazard... My thoughts and prayers are with you...

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 22 Oct 2020

My daughter-in-law came from Paradise, and both of her parents lost their homes - and the whole down was burned down. So sad, We never thought that would happen to us too. Stay safe from all these horrible fires.

stork by stork 23 Oct 2020

So sad...sorry to hear this.

by gerryvb 22 Oct 2020

oh how frightning, I do hope and pray your house is saved, Good thing you were able to pack neccesary and meaningful things and you were both out of dangerzone in time...You are in my thoughts and prayers, keep us updated if you want...Hugs...

by cfidl 22 Oct 2020

Wow! I am so sorry to hear this news. If I can help in any way, you have my number.

by graceandham 22 Oct 2020

I am so sorry, This will change your life forever. It sounds like you have used extreme wisdom, caution and faith in God and it has put you in a good place. Hang on to God. Much love.

by crafter2243 Moderator 22 Oct 2020

Oh Jan that is awful and I am so sorry. I am glad you got out in time and from what I read you had started to pack and plan early. I am keeping you in my prayers. Please keep us posted. Hugs

by rescuer Moderator 22 Oct 2020

I am so sorry you are faced with this now. As I read your post, I kept hoping your home was somehow saved. How heartbreaking this must be for you. I will add you to my prayers and ask God to comfort you.

by basketkase 22 Oct 2020

OMG, Jan.....I am so sorry to hear of your demise......Thank God you got out and did save some of your things.....this whole year 2020 has been so tragic for so many and am saddened you had to be involved in one of these horrible events.......Prayers and blessings headed your way!!!

by stork 22 Oct 2020

So sorry you are going thru this but blessings that you are okay. Prayers that your home and those of others has survived the fires. Sending you a warm, tight hug to help sustain you during this strange and frightful time.

by sdrise 22 Oct 2020

So sorry to hear you might have lost your home. that can be replaced but lives can not/ Glad you are OK and you go some of your possessions out. Prayers are with you!!!

by asterixsew Moderator 22 Oct 2020

Jan it is difficult to know what to say apart from I am so sorry and maybe your house was saved but time will tell. The plus point is your both alive and have some treasured possessions and your in contact with your neighbours. I cannot even think about how your feeling apart from stunned and in shock. Take care and keep in touch. Positive thoughts and love from me in the UK. Cx

by pennifold 22 Oct 2020

Oh! Jan, I have just come home from being out for Mum’s belated birthday present from Trev and I. I am so happy to read you are ok. I pray that your home is still standing. I pray for all your firefighters in such dreadful conditions. Love Chris

by sebsews 22 Oct 2020

As I read this I am having chills and out of breath. I am praying for you and all affected by this horrible fire.

by mrskiki 22 Oct 2020

Keeping you and your family in my prayers. Glad you are all safe. Hugs. Nan

by mops Moderator 22 Oct 2020

I am so sorry you are having to deal with this. So glad you escaped! Prayers for you in this difficult time.

by airyfairy 22 Oct 2020

I am so terribly sorry for you Jan and your family. I just hope by now you will know if your house survived. I know that all Cuties will be thinking of you. Stay safe.

by 02kar Moderator 22 Oct 2020

And we will be with you and praying for you. I'm so sorry to hear you are going through this. It sounds like you had so little time to evacuate, it had to be very hard making choices of what you could bring. Please keep us in the loop. And yes, God is very good and is holding you close.

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 22 Oct 2020

I had been packing things for days as we ;knew it might be coming to our area. So, I have had the cars loaded. I still didn't bring some of the things I meant to - like all of my sewing stuff. But they can be replaced, except fo army neat cutting table a friend had made for me. Our lives are changed forever. Just praying no body was hurt. Our neighbors are scattered everywhere. Thankfully we have text messaging and a Facebook page to keep track of everyone. Thanks for your prayers.

basketkase by basketkase 22 Oct 2020