by de105 3d ago

Hello Cuties

Does anyone remember the Original Doll-Baby from the 1980's? I found 2 of the heads in a bin and the book that goes with it but not the sewing pattern to make the baby doll - could I just use a pattern for a 18in soft doll would that work? Thank You ! in advance.


by powagrl 2d ago

If you use this search on ebay, you will find a copy of the original book that contains patterns for the dolls.
# Xavier Roberts Presents Little People Pals -Collectors Edition #7546 Plaid '83

Here is a link to the official Cabbage Patch site with additional information on sizes of dolls

Most, if not all, of the major pattern companies had patterns for clothes. You can also find links for many free clothes patterns by searching "free Cabbage Patch clothes patterns".

by hightechgrammy 3d ago

Do you have a picture?
I have some Terri Lee dolls from the 50s. But they were more like a toddler child. It sounds like fun too remake them!

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This doll head is just like the Cabbage Patch Dolls .
Thank You.

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Thanks for reposting and I have removed the other one. Good Luck with the search.