by graceandham 14 Oct 2020

Return to sanity. My computer fan is replaced and I am back in business. Downloading on the I-Pad was s---l---o---w. Spent 25 mins. on one site and was still unable to download. Have always been thrilled with my HP lap top but I am thinking it will be my last. First, the fan wore out after only 18 months moderate use. Second thru 28th, HP Customer Support. They told me my fan would be $700 or $800, Wouldn't I rather buy a new HP? Then the next group I dealt with, the girl said she could transfer me over, but first did I have a printer for that laptop. What does that have to do with replacing my fan, that you already said you can't help me with? Well, we have printer supplies. She transferred me over. Next person said fan would be between $200 and $300, plus shipping and installation costs, but he didn't have the fan. I couldn't call the people who had the fan, only deal by e-mail. Of course, they are in Puerto Rico. Bingo, he has the fan and it is only $24.95 plus shipping. I paid for expedited shipping (1 day). It arrived on day 4. Shortly after it arrived, I received the promised tracking number from 4 days earlier. It did not ship from Puerto Rico. Why am I surprised by this?

You shouldn't have to talk to 8 people from one company to solve a problem with their product. My son "reassures" me that this is common across most computer companies. Anybody have good customer help from a computer company, and if so, WHO?


by dragonflyer 15 Oct 2020

What an ordeal...glad you are back up and running, Betsey....

by 02kar Moderator 15 Oct 2020

Yea that you are up and running again. Sad that you were treated so very badly. I've decided that customer service is now a lost art, sad to say.

by crafter2243 Moderator 14 Oct 2020

Glad your computer issue has been solved.
Years ago I had a super issue with Dell. At that time I had bought a "IN HOUSE" warranty on a very expensive PC. I spend days going around in the circles from one department to another., getting disconnected and having to start all over again. Some of the male customer service people were downright rude and the female ones condescending. They tried to make me open the unit, crawl on the floor to unplug all the accessories. I could tell it was the fan, but they would not listen. I literally had to threaten with a lawsuit. When the repair person finally showed up, his comment as "Lady you must have given them hell. I never had to bring so many parts to a call"
Needless to say I never bought another Dell product.

by shirley124 14 Oct 2020

Pleased you have you Computer up and running again. Lucky you kept checking and not gone with the 1st guy. Yes it is slow trying to down load on the ipad. I have to take my laptop in for a service in a couple of weeks. Will most likely be a couple of days as it is in another town and I will have to leave it. Not looking forward to using the ipad but it is better than nothing. Hugs

by lbrow 14 Oct 2020

Glad you got it done Betsey. Hate you had the problems.

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graceandham by graceandham 14 Oct 2020

Hi Sweetie-Pie. Thinking of you lots during this Covid time.

by asterixsew Moderator 14 Oct 2020

Welcome back and what a saga BUT you have your laptop and replacement fan without spending a arm and a leg as it where

graceandham by graceandham 14 Oct 2020

Yay! Now where was I on opening zip files....

asterixsew by asterixsew 14 Oct 2020

Now was that what caused the problem in the first place?

graceandham by graceandham 14 Oct 2020

I honestly don't know.