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by gerryvb 14 Oct 2020

Daily quote for October 14:

“Never stop doing your best just because someone doesn’t give you credit.” – Kamari aka Lyrikal


by sdrise 14 Oct 2020

Thank You!!!

by gerryvb 14 Oct 2020

hope your Wednesday will be lovely, try to stay healthy and safe.
Hugs❤️, Gerry🙋🏽‍♀️

lbrow by lbrow 14 Oct 2020

Thanks gerry .Seems more like winter , have had to have a little heat on some mornings here . Fall has certainly arrived and all the leaves are falling.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 14 Oct 2020

Miss Lillian we still have 92 degrees . Wish I could seend you some of the heat.
Gerry my friend. Enjoy the day. Sending Hugs 💖💖💖