by noah 09 Oct 2020

Well Hello everyone .We now have our camp closed for this season and i am now home doing my fall things for our longgggg winter.Did 10 zucchinis there in the freezer.I cut them on a machine and make them all swirly like spiral. .I use it in spaghetti instead of noodles.(saves Calories)I also did 60 bags of carrots.Now Beets And The jam.The Jam is off a wild crab apple tree for free lol .Everyone loves it and John keeps giving them away lol These pictures are in my cold room under my front step.Finished the Beets today:):) Hope to get back to sewing soon.Thanks for LQQKING Hugs Carolynxxxx


by sewmadau 10 Oct 2020

You mentioned Jam, can I share my Jam story, When the children were little we had an abundance of strawberries, but they were sick of having strawberries in just about everything . I found a recipe for Jam, never made Jam before, sounded easy off I went. Looked ok, bottled about four jars, went to use it and Oh Dear Jam was now toffee, no way to get it out of the Jars unless I broke them. Forward to 2020, found another easy recipe, this time I was really careful, but it would no set, the recipe said if it would not set boil it for a couple of minutes more. I did that and once again we had Strawberry Toffee. I now believe I am not meant to make strawberry jam.

What a lot of preserves' I am jealous LOL

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noah by noah 11 Oct 2020

Oh thanks 4 my big laugh i have had a few failyours ago but only when i tried to double or tripple the batch.Now i do only singles and it works great huga xxx

by clintonmiss22 10 Oct 2020

I've pulled up all the tomatoes, peppers, and squash and planted onions, radishes and turnip greens. Finished my muscadine jellies, but don't have nearly as much as you. Looks beautiful. Enjoy!

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noah by noah 11 Oct 2020

Thanks every bit helps and John keeps passing them out so i make extra Shhhhhhhh don't tell him lol

by babash 10 Oct 2020

Well you have been busy. I have been watching a program on the TV about tow truckers that work in Canada and the weather in winter is so bad at times I wonder why anyone would drive in it. So having a lot of preserves would help in keeping you off the roads a lot.
My cousin just sent me dried Pears she does dried Apricots and Plums as well.

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noah by noah 11 Oct 2020

Oh i do that to if i can get them love them too hugs xx

by pennyhal2 10 Oct 2020

I admire your ability to preserve so much food! Much better than store bought cans I bet!

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noah by noah 11 Oct 2020

Oh yes for sure thanks -you hugsxxx

by graceandham 10 Oct 2020

welcome back. Gotta go, you made me hungry.

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noah by noah 10 Oct 2020

Lol best one i read today:):)

by lbrow 10 Oct 2020

Beautiful work Carolyn and oh so tasty. My daughter and Grand daughter have also been canning and freezing all summer as the gardens have been coming in. I just sit back now days and enjoy the fruits of their labor, because they always share with me. Love you Lillian

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noah by noah 10 Oct 2020

Yes You My friend are BLESSED By our Lord And your family hugsxx

by mrskiki 10 Oct 2020

Yum Yum. Can I come shopping at your store! Haha. Hugs, Nan

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noah by noah 10 Oct 2020

i wish you could

by dragonflyer 10 Oct 2020

Looks Yummy, Carolyn...I'll have mine with a piece of sourdough toast!

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noah by noah 10 Oct 2020

oh that sounds yummy hugsxx

by asterixsew Moderator 10 Oct 2020

Carolyn I am always amazed at the amount of preserving that you do each year. I do realise that you have very long cold winters and your busy preparing

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noah by noah 10 Oct 2020

well said and 100% true

by pennifold 10 Oct 2020

Wow! Carolyn you've been so busy. I've never bottled anything in my life and am so impressed with how much you do. They all look great and I'm sure will last you through the winter at least! Love Chris

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noah by noah 10 Oct 2020

thanks Chris hugs for you my friendxx

by marianb 10 Oct 2020

Your always a busy Lady, keep warm this winter. Hugs Marian

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noah by noah 10 Oct 2020

Woods all stacked and we are ready (almost) lol

by dailylaundry 09 Oct 2020

That is a lot of work - but look at the results - you will enjoy these through the winter! We have been having 30 and 40 degree weather here in Michigan but, a couple days a week our highs get to 70! How has your weather been? Is it cold yet? I would imagine your trees are beautiful for autumn! Hugs, Laura

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noah by noah 09 Oct 2020

Yes trees are lovely it is going down to freezing now at night zero .Most days it is 40+

by crafter2243 Moderator 09 Oct 2020

My goodness you have been busy all the while waiting for a Hurricane to hit or bypass. Hopefully it will be the later. You are some brave lady or maybe you are trying to keep your mind off whatever is happening around you. You are amazing. Stay safe

noah by noah 09 Oct 2020

Nothing happening here no covid for 3 hours or more.we live in the bush :):)

crafter2243 by crafter2243 10 Oct 2020

Ha, ha I was tired and thought this was toogie's post. I think I am slowly loosing it.