by mops 08 Oct 2020

Was asked to embroider an elephant on a (large) towel. I had one I digitised over a decade ago with now outdated Husqvarna software, I think it was system5. I wanted to make a slight alteration but instead re-digitised it.

It fun to see what the effect can be of digitising a filling at different angles: I took the first picture standing at the long side of the table, left the towel where it was and moved to the sort side. And, hey presto, different shade for the head (picture #2). Standing at the other short side the effect was opposite: the head seemed to be dark, the body light.


by toogie 11 Oct 2020

I think you had fun with this one! Looks great so I'm glad you were paid well.

by noah 10 Oct 2020

I love them my granddaughter and my DIL both adore anything with these on it /them Hugsxxx

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mops by mops 11 Oct 2020


by mops Moderator 10 Oct 2020

Thank you all for your lovely comments.
My customer/friend was so pleased with it she payed me much more than I had asked.

by peafarm 10 Oct 2020

Cute Ellie and surprised by the lighting. What a change in perspective.

by basketkase 10 Oct 2020

What an adorable elephant.......great job!

by sonjapotgieter 09 Oct 2020

That is so cute !!!Adorable towels!!!Beautiful!!!

by teun 09 Oct 2020

Ziet er heel mooi uit.

by sebsews 09 Oct 2020

This is so cute and your digitizing is outstanding.

by robertahilde 09 Oct 2020

Adorable little Elephant!
Great job in digitizing, the final result is amazing. Hugs.

by pennifold 08 Oct 2020

Stunning Martine, it looks awesome! Love Chris

by crafter2243 Moderator 08 Oct 2020

Fascinating. It is amazing what light can do. Love your elephant.

by shirley124 08 Oct 2020

Very cute. Hugs

by dragonflyer 08 Oct 2020

Light and stitch angles are amazing... nicely done.

by 02kar Moderator 08 Oct 2020

What fun to see the differences. I know this will get a lot comments and be well appreciated.

by babash 08 Oct 2020

Love the look of how the colours seem to change with the light. Lovely Elephant as well. I am sure the new Mum will love it.

by dailylaundry 08 Oct 2020

What a sweet Elephant!!! I see the difference in the lighting. I am forever getting a shadow of the camera (or phone) I am using while taking a picture of a project! Bet Arian loves the towel!!

mops by mops 08 Oct 2020

It's not the shadow of my camera in this case. It is the result of the different angles of the stitches. I did that on purpose, not only because it makes a difference in push and pull, but also because I like the different tones the light creates.

noah by noah 10 Oct 2020

playing with color is fun:):)

by asterixsew Moderator 08 Oct 2020

Lovely work Mops. Thanks for the story behind this sweet design that you have created. Hope Arian enjoys using it

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mops by mops 08 Oct 2020

Thank you. Arian is he new born grandson of the acquaintance who asked me to embroider it. Hope his mom loves it :)

by pennyhal2 08 Oct 2020

That's a very cute design! Yes, the light does change the look of things. I have a very large wall in my house's entrance. the paint looks white, pink, or tan depending on how the light hits it! Same for the direction of the thread too I guess.

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mops by mops 08 Oct 2020

Thank you. Now it was flat on the table but when you wrap the towel around you it comes to life even more.