by basketkase 22d ago

Here we have the 2nd from the new artist I am working with......I call this Lifescape and it is up on my website now....the other 2 will each be a series.....this is Halloween Bug#1 and Pickup Ghoul#1....the truck is on my website now, the Bug will be up tonight........


by noah 22d ago

I love the tree:):)

by pennifold 22d ago

That tree is awesome Vicki, you've got some great artist friends. Of course your digitising skills are first class. Love Chris

by sonjapotgieter 22d ago

Beautiful designs!!!

by pennyhal2 22d ago

That bug reminds me of cars when we were in high school...without the skcull and spider web plate! They were tough little cars! Maybe that skull is going to Alaska where they have that contest for the biggest pumpkin. But, that tree could show up in a nightmare any time now! I guess they show gnarled trees in scary shows because they do look scary. I especially like sepia projects.