by airyfairy 05 Oct 2020

I am looking for a Christmas alpha. I do not want to go any bigger than an inch. I am sure I have seen one with each letter having snow on top. Can anyone send me in the right direction - perhaps the North Pole. LOL


by sewpam 09 Oct 2020

If you are still looking for a Christmas alpha, Daily Embroidery has Christmas light Font that is 1.17 x 2 inches.

by powagrl 06 Oct 2020

Sarah, I have one called Snow Caps that comes in 1, 2, and 3 inch sizes for $1. I will send you a link in private messages and hope that it doesn't get deleted by a moderator, as many of my responses do. Just goes to show you that private messages are not private. I hope this alphabet is something that you can use.

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rescuer by rescuer 09 Oct 2020

Moderators do not have access to your private messages. The website owner does. Think of this website as her property (which it is) and know she can decide what is posted or removed from her website.

by pennyhal2 06 Oct 2020

I have a ton of Christmas fonts, but only one that small. It has a string of light bulbs that I got three years ago. I don't have where I got it from. If you could get a 2" design, you might be able to edit it and make it smaller if you have software that does that.

by airyfairy 06 Oct 2020

Thank you for your help. I have spent the morning on the Internet. Most enjoyable but could not find what I was looking for. I will have to rethink

by dragonflyer 05 Oct 2020

Wow, Sarah...Lots of Christmas alphabets, but the challenge is getting one that small....The smallest one I could find was the Happy Winter Font here on Cute, but it is about 2" x 2"....There is another one here on Cute, Winter Font, that has both upper and lower case....upper case is about 2.5x2.75 and lower case is a bit smaller from 1.75 to 2.75...there is snow at the top of each is very cute!

by asterixsew Moderator 05 Oct 2020

Well I remember the site but cant remember its full name so I searched and came up with something decidedly un embroidery.
Will put the thinking hat on and see what happens and if inspiration strikes I will send a link

by mrskiki 05 Oct 2020

I have an old one called SnowTop from Brit. Don't know who Brit is sadly and the date on it is 2008. Also another called HappyChristmasFont which has 4 sizes. Don't know where it is from though. Sorry. Hugs. Nan

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vkggal by vkggal 07 Oct 2020

Wasn't Brit part of PNW at one time? I think she stopped digitizing.