by dragonflyer 29d ago

My ode to the Cute Birthday...Lavender design...I digitized a knockdown under it as I had planned to do it on a thicker it turned out I really didn't need it for this towel. It looks lovely finished, but I was disappointed in the amount of unnecessary jumps. Don't think I would choose this design again without re-doing it to remove the unnecessary jumps...


by genin 25d ago

I like your creativity ! very beautiful !

by pennyhal2 27d ago

It's a great design and lovely in its simplicity! My machine can automatically cut/tie off jump stitches. The problelm is that it then leaves little knots on the backside...which is not so good for a towel! Wish I could turn off that function.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 27d ago

Thank you, Penny...I am surprised your machine will not let you turn off the cut function...what type of machine do you have? It is a problem with the little knots on the back...but more than that, even if you turn off the cutter, you still have to clip all those running threads... So much nicer when the design is digitized with no unnecessary cuts/ is not that difficult to do...just takes a bit of planning to connect the design elements with run stitches that stitch under the following elements...

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 26d ago

I have a Babylock Destiny2 and it cuts the threads on the back side as well as the top threads. Plus, the designs themselves have tie off stitches as the softare can add them and it is the layers of threads that is the problem. However, it's the knots on the back that I'd like to delete or at least reduce them. It's really only a problem when I stitch on clothes as they can rub on sensitive skin. I think I'll try putting a stop code just after the design is finished stitching, then fast forward to the next color. I talked to the shop and they don't think the extra tie off/on stiches can be deleted on this machine. The next time I sew a design on something to wear, I'll have to try that out.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer edited 25d ago

If I am not mistaken you can turn off the cutter on your machine so it will not cut the upper or bobbin will just tie off and move to the next color...It's not the tie off or tie in stitches that cause the problem it is the know created when the cut is done...

by mrskiki 27d ago

Very pretty. I love simple and lavender. Hugs. Nan

by virginiamaxwell 28d ago

It is beautiful I love it

by cj2sew 28d ago

It looks beautiful.

by peafarm 28d ago

It is beautiful Kim!

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 28d ago

Thank you, Patti....

by sonjapotgieter 28d ago

What a beautiful design!!!Gorgeous

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 28d ago

Thanks, Sonja....

by noah 28d ago


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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 28d ago

Thank you my friend!

by marianb 28d ago

Love the design will have to look for this one.

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 28d ago is number 10456726-171347

by pennifold 28d ago

Wow! Kim that bow looks so real, I had to enlarge it to look closer. It's beautiful. Love Chris

by stork 29d ago

very pretty

by dailylaundry 29d ago

Even though there were many jump stitches - it really turned out so nice!!

by sebsews 29d ago

It sure turned out pretty. I also do not like jump stitches. If I would learn my software I bet I could remove them too.

by asterixsew Moderator 29d ago

This is a lovely design and looks great on the towel. It is always interesting on how something stitches out. Thanks so much for taking part in the September Cute Challenge