by basketkase 26 Sep 2020

Just finished this up for my favorite upcoming fashion designer......this kid is incredible.....anyway, this is a faux leather with thick scales and I wasn't sure if my machine could handle it, no problems....I just slowed it down and I didn't have to stabilize it, yay!


by noah 24d ago

Oh I need this design for my coat C for Carolyn Right???xxx

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basketkase by basketkase 23d ago


by mops Moderator 29d ago

Great job, Vicky. I would have been terrified stitching it on this material.

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basketkase by basketkase 28d ago

I held my breath and hit start....was scary but went without a hitch. I would never have tried this on my old bernina, I think the commercial machine is the secret to these types of material.......

by brendalea 29 Sep 2020

Great job. You might have to do some for ids friends. Happy Stitching :-)

by toogie 28 Sep 2020

This jacket and embroidery is FABULOUS !!! Amazing work you both can accomplish. I would have been afraid I would ruin it, but it is perfection.

by pennyhal2 28 Sep 2020

You and your creative genius are an fantastic team! You both are exceptionally creative and I sure enjoy seeing your work.

by sonjapotgieter 27 Sep 2020

So Gorgeous!!!!

by 02kar Moderator 27 Sep 2020


by pennifold 27 Sep 2020

Outstanding Vicki, you're a star. Love Chris

by asterixsew Moderator 26 Sep 2020

You have produced a great piece of work here. Created the design and stitched it out. I am sure that embroidering on this jacket wasn't the easiest of backgrounds to work on but you have done it brilliantly.

by dragonflyer 26 Sep 2020

Nice job, Vicki!

by dailylaundry 26 Sep 2020

This is awesome! Great stitching and digitizing! Kudos to your young designer friend!!!